Yggdrasil Takes Gaming to a New Level with Its New Online Bingo platform

If you’ve not heard about the latest craze in online bingo, listen up. Going live in 2019 and packed with a ton of unique features, the new bingo games from Yggdrasil are changing the way you play.

Capturing the spirit of the game but adding some unique touches, these new online bingo rooms have raised the bar when it comes to bingo rooms and their integrated mini games. To show you what we mean, here’s the exciting features you can unlock when you play Yggdrasil bingo via your desktop and mobile.

Five Reasons Yggdrasil’s New Online Bingo Games Are the Best

When you play online, fun is always the name of the game. However, with new bingo games from Yggdrasil, you get all that and more. Through a combination of slick software, innovative features and tons of added value, players of all skill levels can enjoy the best gaming experience possible.

Not convinced? OK, here’s why new online bingo sites using Yggdrasil’s innovative software are the best around:

Authentic Calls: Instead of relying on animations or robotic voices, Yggdrasil online bingo features charismatic callers. Shouting out each number with confidence, energy and heart, these callers make each session feel more authentic and, of course, more entertaining.

Avatars and Animations: To add even more colour to the mix, Yggdrasil’s games allow you to choose an avatar. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these cartoon characters allow you to express your personality and fit perfectly with impressive in-game animations.
Quick Buys and Freebies: When you play bingo online, speed is important. Because of that, Yggdrasil has added a “quick buy” feature. This option allows you to buy multiple game cards with a single click. To make this feature even better, you can combine it with free bingo games. By using BOGOF bingo deals, you can get more tickets for less.

Mini-Game Greats: Any time you can double your earning potential, it’s a good thing. That’s something the designers at Yggdrasil know all too well, which is why you can play games inside games. Put simply, when you join an Yggdrasil bingo site, you’ll be able to spin slots and more without missing a call.

Chat, Socialise and Ultimate Fun: By far the best reason to try Yggdrasil bingo is its social features. From chat boxes to chat games, everything about these rooms is designed to enhance interaction which, in turn, makes your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Getting Technical: Bingo RTP

The RTP of any game will always differ depending on the number of balls, players and cards in play. However, the important thing to note is that all rooms designed by Yggdrasil are 100% fair. Thanks to certified randomization software, each game always produces random results. This means you never have to worry that someone else is cheating or, moreover, that the game is biased in any way.

Each time you play bingo online, your chances of winning are as good as someone else with the same number of game cards. Of course, if you want to increase your potential, you can buy more tickets. However, when all things are equal, your odds of winning will always be the same as everyone else.

Small Bets and Generous Jackpots: Something for All Bingo Players

Yggdrasil’s new bingo games come in three distinct flavours: 90 ball, 75 ball and 75 ball pattern. As you’ll see from the names below, each one is designed to reflect the joyful vibes you’ll experience each time you play.

In terms of pricing, the type of room you join will determine how much a gamecard costs. With BOGOF offers, you can play bingo for free. Outside of these deals, the following rooms allow you to play from as little as €0.05:

  • The Fiesta Room: 75 ball
  • The Celebration Room: 90 ball
  • The Party Room: 75 ball
  • The Jubilee Room: 90 ball

For traditionalists, 90 ball will be the game of choice. Each gamecard features 27 squares and all you have to do is make a line (five numbers in a row), two lines (10 numbers spread over two rows) or a full house (all 15 numbers marked off) to win a prize.

Beyond classic 90 ball bingo, Yggdrasil players can enjoy 75 ball bingo games. These rooms feature fewer numbers and single payouts. Therefore, if you don’t like to share each prizepool, you should check out the best bingo sites offering Yggdrasil software.

New Online Bingo Bonus Games and Added Extras

As great as new games are, there are times when you crave something more. For these times, Yggdrasil’s software is perfect as it allows you to chat with your friends. In fact, that’s not all. When you use the best online bingo sites, Yggdrasil chat boxes provide an extra way to win. Coming in a variety of styles, bingo chat games allow you to answer questions using the chat box and pick up a random prize.
Alongside these added extras, you’ll also be able to play the best Yggdrasil online slots. Using window-in-window software, you can spin slots every time you play online. This, in practice, gives you two ways to win and, more importantly, it doubles the entertainment value. In fact, it’s these added extras that make Yggdrasil games stand out from the crowd.

Mini-Games, Mega Fun: How to Get More from Yggdrasil Bingo Online

If you want to know what really makes Yggdrasil software great, the answer is simple: games. Taking the idea that all good things come in small packages, the developers have loaded up the bingo interface with the ability to provide a dual gaming experience.

By now, you should already know that Yggdrasil games are full of action, animations and, of course, ways to win. However, we know that too much of a good thing can gradually cause it to lose its appeal. In other words, variety is the spice of life and that’s why each online bingo room has mini-game options.

Located in the bottom right of the screen, the bingo mini-game tool bar gives you instant access a selection of Yggdrasil titles. What’s more, you can use the search menu to filter the results in order to show your preferred games.

The Best Online Bingo Mini-Games

The new Bingo platform will allow players to enjoy innovative and fun scratchcards as well as the top Yggdrasil online slots such as Vikings go to hell, Golden Fish Tank, and more…

Mini Slots

Mini slots are exactly the same as their full-size counterparts. In practice, this means you can spin the best Yggdrasil slots while you’re playing bingo. The beauty of these games is that they feature all the functionality and entertainment you’d get from a standard slot. However, unlike some bingo sites, you won’t have to leave the room in order to play these slots.

From bonus rounds and free spins to animations and five-figure+ jackpots, mini slots provide a complete gaming experience just on a smaller scale. Once you scroll down to the bottom of any bingo room, you’ll be able to select a mini slot and it will sit neatly at the side of the page. From there, you can watch bingo numbers appear and symbols spin on Vikings Go to Hell, Trolls Bridge, Gem Rocks and more.



Mini Scratchcards

As well as mini slots, Yggdrasil bingo rooms give you the chance to play scratchcards. Providing instant wins, these mini games are perfect for those that want variety but don’t want to get too distracted. In fact, mini scratchcards are great if you’re playing one of our speed bingo games. Because you only have to make two moves, scratchcards are not only simple but extremely quick. For example, if you choose Pumpkin Smash from the mini game menu, all you need to do is buy a game ticket at a price that suits you and hit the scratch button. At this point, the panels will be removed and three or more matching symbols will earn you a prize. Put simply, if you want an instant way to add some extra fun to your bingo sessions, mini scratchcards like Jungle Books and Rainbow Ryan are fantastic!

How do mini-games work?

The astute among you will probably be wondering how you can play these games without disrupting your session. Well, in reality, the solution is simple:

  1. Firstly, Yggdrasil Bingo is designed to be automatic. This means that the software will automatically cross-off your numbers as they’re called. This, in turn, leaves you free to do other things.
  2. Secondly, Yggdrasil rooms feature window-in-window technology. In simple terms, this feature allows you to run smaller gaming windows inside larger ones. When you combine this with Yggdrasil’s mobile-first software, you’re able to play fully functional casino games at any screen size.

Piecing these elements together, each Yggdrasil room gives you the option to enjoy side games alongside the main event. If that sounds good, things get even better when you check out the gaming options.

As a standard, you’ll be able to access mini-game slots and scratchcards. This means you can play some of the best high-octane games and win huge jackpots at the same time you’re enjoying a round of bingo.

Why Should I Play Yggdrasil Bingo Mini-Games?

If you’re a live bingo purist, you may not want to try our mini-games. Indeed, because Yggdrasil’s creations are entertaining enough, you don’t really need these added extras. However, if you’re looking to get more from your time online in terms of value, action and enjoyment, these slots and scratchcards are perfect.

In fact, when you look at them in context, the offer the following benefits:

Time Killers: Even though Yggdrasil runs new bingo games every few minutes, there will be times when you’re left waiting for the action to start. During these breaks, you can use mini-games to kill some time.

Double Value: Online gaming is all about maximising your potential. In order to do that, you need to make as many bets as possible. Because mini-games allow you to do two things at once, they basically give you double the amount of ways to win.

Extra Fun: Whether you bank a prize or not, fun should always take priority. If you’re enjoying the experience, nothing else matters. By playing slots and scratchcards alongside a round of bingo, everything will be twice as nice.

Because you’ll be waiting for numbers to drop, reels to stop and prizes to reveal themselves, there’s never a dull moment. Indeed, it’s this constant adrenaline rush that makes dual-gaming so exciting and, therefore, Yggdrasil Bingo a fan favourite.

Play Bingo Online Today

For a high-paced, social and enjoyable online gaming experience, Yggdrasil’s new online bingo games are perfect. Regardless of whether you play 75 or 90 ball, Yggdrasil has a ton of impressive options. So, if you’re ready to play bingo online, check out our top-rated casino sites and start listening for the call of the balls today.

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