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Our Affiliate team is excited to connect and develop relationships with anyone who is talking about Yggdrasil and our games!
Yggdrasil encourages affiliation and wants to provide you with as much information as possible about our games to enable highly detailed reviews about our games and award winning technology! ‘Source’ is our dedicated client zone. A centralized, one true source of information about all things Yggdrasil. Source provides affiliates with extensive details and official information about all our games. We’ve got everything unified in one user-friendly interface: Game creatives; RTPs; Bonus tables; you think of it we have it, all in SOURCE!  Unlike typically affiliate programs where we’d get a kickback from your efforts, we don’t ask for any kickback. We recognize you’re efforts and simply want to make sure you have all the fundamental tools to share our brand and our games with your traffic.

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*Please note that for compliance purposes we have to keep a record of anyone who has access to SOURCE.