Sonya Blackjack

Fully immersive experience in a 3D casino environment!

A Life-Like Dealer for Blackjack

Sonya blackjack is paving the way for a new era of games.

Sonya Blackjack offers a multiplayer, multi-table experience where you will always have a seat. If when you arrive at a table, and the last seat has been taken, you can either watch the game play or select an option to take you to a table with a free seat. The game operates in the same way as any standard blackjack game, offering betting options such as insurance, split, double, even money and double after split. Check out the Game Rules for a full breakdown. Click the ‘Try The Game’ link above and join our dealer Sonya who is waiting to deal in on Sonya Blackjack.


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Game name Sonya Blackjack
Release date 2018
Game type Table Game
RTP for the main game 99.54%;
with insurance 92.86%.
Mobile Yes

Players who join the table will see chip denominations appear on the screen. After they have chosen and placed their bets, Sonya will deal out the first two cards. At this point, it is possible to use standard blackjack options like double or splitting as per blackjack rules. The game uses 6 decks with 52 cards. Each round is reshuffled and the game is RNG certified. An RTP of 99.54% makes this game exceptional, though using insurance sees this drop to 92.86%.

Sonya Blackjack has some exciting features. The platform can be customised by the operators who put it on their site. The features that can be customized include both the computer-generated dealer and the casino environment. However, if the casino doesn’t wish to make any customisation, there is also the option to take a standard logo package. If there is a custom look that the casino wishes to use, all options will be available from launch.

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