There are online slots and then there are progressive jackpot slots. The big dogs of the casino world, jackpot slot games take everything you know about prizes and supersizes them. Thanks to a mutually beneficial betting dynamic, the efforts of your peers can contribute to your personal fortune. To explain what we mean and how the best Yggdrasil jackpot slot wins can top €100,000, let’s take a spin through the world of progressive payouts and more.


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Similar to lottery tickets, the biggest wins on jackpot slot wins can reach six and even seven-figure sums. The games are very simple to play – but it’s vital to remember that winning is based 100% on luck! You simply choose a spin size and then the game automatically takes a small percentage of your bet and puts it into a communal prize pool. All you have to do is spin with a sensible budget and only risk money you can afford to spend having fun without any expectations of winning.

If you’ve played the top Yggdrasil video slots, the following steps will look familiar. However, for those who are completely new to jackpot slots, here’s how to play progressive games:

  • Read our recommended Yggdrasil casino reviews and find a site that suits your preferences.
  • Scroll through the site’s jackpot slots lobby and select one of the following: Jackpot Raiders, Ozwin’s Jackpots, Empire Fortune, Jokers Millions, Holmes & the Stolen Stones.
  • Once you’ve selected a game, set your bet accordingly. You should never bet more than you can afford just to try and win a progressive slots jackpot.
  • Hit the spin button and a small amount of your bet will go into the progressive prizepool.
  • The more you and everyone else playing the game bets, the more money goes into the pot.
  • Eventually, if you roll in the right combination of symbols, the communal prize is yours!

Naturally, you’re not going to win each time you spin. However, if you follow the steps above, you can enjoy an online gaming experience where wins can reach epic amounts.


Depending on the jackpot slot you choose, the payout dynamics will differ. For example, inside Jackpot Raiders, there are five progressive jackpots that all increase each time you place a bet. The winning combination you make will determine which of the five prizes you receive. In contrast, Joker Millions has a single progressive jackpot.

Another point to note is that some jackpot slots online allow you to win regardless of the amount you bet. However, that’s not always the case. In other words, some spinners pay you a percentage of the top prize if you bet anything less than the maximum. However, there are some where you can stake any amount of money and win for prizes worth upwards of €100,000!


What makes Yggdrasil jackpot slots better than the rest? Well, aside from the impressive aesthetics and engaging gameplay, these spinners come in two distinct flavours: local and global. These labels basically determined how a game’s jackpot is generated.

Local Jackpots

Local jackpot slots games are site-specific. Put simply, the prizepools are generated by bets made at a single casino. For example, Jackpot Raiders is classed as a local jackpot game. So, you could play this slot at Casino A and the payouts would be X. You could then switch to Casino B and the payouts would be Y.

In practice, local jackpot slot wins are often smaller than their global payouts. However, the counter to this is that there are fewer players gunning for the top prize. Therefore, you could theoretically say it’s easier to win local jackpots than global ones.

Global Jackpots

As their name suggest, global progressive jackpot slots are open to everyone. The best way to think of these games is that there’s a central prizepool which multiple Yggdrasil casinos feed into. Each time you play a global jackpot slot such as Empire Fortune, a small percentage of your bet goes into this communal prizepool.

Eventually, someone from any of the connected casinos could unlock the big one. Naturally, because more people are contributing to global prizepools than local ones, the payouts can be much larger. However, it’s also true that there are more people playing for these mega prizes.


What are progressive and fixed jackpot slots online?

Fixed jackpots are the top payout a video slot offers at any given bet size. For example, if you took a spin on Wilhelm Tell, the jackpot combination is worth 150X. This figure never changes and means you’ll win 150 times the size of your line bet.

A jackpot slot works in a different way. Although there are fixed wins, the top prize/s aren’t based on multipliers. Instead, a small percentage of every bet goes into a communal pot. This pot is available to everyone and is paid out once the winning combination is rolled in.

Can I learn how to win on jackpot slots?

Jackpot slot wins aren’t easy to come by. Because these games are so lucrative, the odds won’t always be in your favour. However, as long as you stick to core tactics every seasoned casino player uses, you have a shot at winning. In practice, this means betting within the limits of your bankroll, playing consistently and, importantly, having fun.

When will I get my jackpot slot winnings?

Jackpot slot payouts are instant. Because the prizes aren’t distributed in the form of bonus cash, you don’t have to worry about playthrough requirements or withdrawal restrictions. If you play one of the top Yggdrasil jackpot games and score a €100,000+ prize, the money is yours to keep!

Jackpot Slots: The Final Word

Progressive jackpot slots are similar to playing the lottery – with extreme luck you could hit some big wins. However, it’s vital to play them with care and set a strict jackpot budget that you can afford to spend having fun, without expecting to win.