A Complete Guide to Splitz Slots: The Evolution of a Casino Gaming Craze

You may have heard about Splitz, the latest crazy in online slot gaming. If you have, be prepared to learn a lot more about it in this guide. If you haven’t, be prepared to discover one of the best innovations currently taking the slots world by storm.

In the following few paragraphs, we’re going to break down Splitz mechanics, what the games do and why they’re a great way to play. Ultimately, we’re going to answer the all-important question: what are Splitz slots? However, before we do that, let’s give you some background.

Splitz Slots History

splitz slot split in base game

The online slots world is constantly evolving and the designers at Yggdrasil like to move with the times. However, as much as the team likes to embrace the latest trends, they also like to set them. It’s this desire that lead to a new concept that has a familiar twist.

According to Yggdrasil’s product manager, players are constantly on the look out for new games but they don’t want to spend too much time learning about new features. In essence, they want something fresh but they don’t want to read through pages of instructions before they play. Splitz Yggdrasil is the answer.

By taking something players already know and giving it a unique twist, the developers have come up with a new product that doesn’t feel alien.

“Yggdrasil Splitz is about the all or nothing chance we’re familiar with thanks to mystery symbols but taking the potential even further i.e. more ways to win, longer paylines, better scatters. Basically, this feature provides an extra layer of excitement,” said Yggdrasil’s product manager.

For experienced online slot players, the concept of creating more paylines may already be familiar. Thanks to Megaways slot games, the old system of 25+ paylines has been blown out of the water in recent years. Today, gamers expect thousands of wins when they spin the reels.

Splitz slots are the next step in this evolutionary chain. When you play Splitz Yggdrasil games, you’ll get even more ways to line up winning combinations. In fact, when you compare Megaways slots to Splitz slots, the latter come out top in terms of paylines (up to 117,649 ways to win vs. up to 248,832 ways to win). So now we’ve given you an insight into why Splitz slot games were created, let’s take a closer look at their mechanics.

Splitz Slots Explained: A New Mystery Mechanic

In keeping with the idea that new slot features need to be fresh but have a certain level of familiarity, the Splitz mechanic is fairly simple to explain. The whole idea is based on the concept of mystery symbols. These are common in modern online slots. Splitz takes these symbols and, as you might have guessed, splits them. The number of times a symbol splits will be random. However, each time a split occurs, it creates more ways to win. For example, let’s say you’re playingtemple-stacks-slot-splitz-yggdrasil

Temple Stacks Splitz. In this game, Splitz symbols (an Aztec carving) appear in a stacked formation. When a stack rolls into view, lightning bolts split it into smaller pieces. The number of splits will vary each time a stack appears. Once a split has occurred, the mystery blocks reveal a symbol (all symbols in the stack are identical). If the mystery symbol create a winning combination, you bank some cash!


Splitz Slots Constantly Evolve

As you can see, the mechanics allow you to create more winning combinations each time a stack appears. However, this is only the first version of Splitz. Unlike static concepts such as Megaways slots, Splitz is dynamic and designed to come in various forms. Indeed, the second version of our Splitz mechanic disperses mystery symbols. In Temple Stacks Splitz slots, the mystery symbols stay grouped together on the same reel. In version two games, a split occurs and the mystery symbols spread out onto different reels. As the mystery symbols split and scatter into different positions, they increase the value of each win line they complete. Therefore, the benefit here is that winning combinations can feature up to 15 symbols and be worth more than usual.

What’s more, version two Splitz mechanic games feature mega jackpots. By splitting special jackpot symbols (as well as mystery icons), you can pick up prizes worth up tp 25,000X your bet! That’s some serious value and another reason Yggdrasil Splitz slots are the latest craze in online gaming.

In fact, the plan is to release more versions in the version. Each new release will bring a slightly different twist and will be based on market demand. Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh Splitz experience each time you try a new game within the collection.

Splitz Mechanics: How to Play in Four Steps

To make sure you fully understand the Splitz mechanic, let’s break it down into steps. Regardless of whether you’re playing a version one, two, three game or later, the underlying concept is always the same:

  1. At the start of a game, there will be a combination of standard symbols, scatters and a mystery symbol.temple_stacks_paytable
  2. The Splitz slot mystery symbol is similar to a wild in the sense that it can transform into a standard symbol and help to make a winning combination.
  3. When a Splitz mystery symbol rolls into view, it splits into a random number of pieces. Depending on the version you play, the pieces will position themselves in different ways.
  4. Finally, the mystery symbols will turn into a standard symbol. Any winning combinations they make will unlock a prize and you’ll win some money from the best Yggdrasil Splitz slots!

How Are Splitz Slots Different to Video Slots?

The main different between Splitz slots and standard spinners such as Aldo’s Journey slots is the element of randomization. When you play Aldo’s Journey, you know you’ll always have 65 paylines across which you can make winning combinations. When you play a game such as Temple Stacks Splitz, your potential is always unknown. On one spin there may not be any Splitz in view and you’ll have whatever the base number of paylines is. On the next spin, two stacks might appear and split into six pieces, something that would give you more ways to win.

As well as the Splitz mechanic being different to stand slots, the volatility may be different. For example, version one Splitz are more volatile than version two. However, the trade-off in these situations is that more volatile games often carry larger jackpots. Therefore, you not only get a more exciting experience, but one that could be much more lucrative.

What is the Difference Between Yggdrasil Splitz and Megaways Slot Games?

There a three main difference between Splitz and Megaways slots games. The first is fairly obvious. When you play Splitz, the number of potential ways to win can reach 248,832. Although Megaways slots are still capable of going way beyond the norm, the maximum number of paylines in 117.649. Therefore, simply based on numbers alone, Splitz slot have the upper-hand. However, the differences go slightly deeper.

When you play Megaways slots, the number of potential payouts changes each time you spin. In other words, there’s never a base number of paylines. With Yggdrasil Splitz, there is a base level. Again, if we go back to Temple Stacks Splitz, there may be times when a mystery stack isn’t in view. In these situations, no splits occur and the game plays out as normal. In this sense, Splitz are actually a lot easier to understand than Megaways slots.

Finally, perhaps the most important difference between Splitz and Megaways is evolution. Yggdrasil Splitz games are designed to move with the times. As we’ve said, each new version will take the concept in a slightly different direction. This keeps the idea fresh and, more importantly, entertaining. That’s something Megaways slot games aren’t designed to do.

The Disadvantages of Splitz Slots

Naturally, we’re not saying the Splitz Yggdrasil team have created the perfect feature. Even though it’s highly impressive, these types of slots may not be right for you. If you’re someone that prefers to know the exact payout potential of game, you may not like this concept. Alternatively, if high volatility games aren’t you’re thing, you may want to check out some other Yggdrasil casino games.

Finally, you simply may not like a game’s theme. Temple Stacks Splitz slot is an Aztec-style game filled with ancient carvings and exotic animals. If that’s not you’re thing, you might not enjoy the experience. However, if you’re interested in trying something new, we think these games are fantastic. Creative, entertaining and adrenalin-inducing, Yggdrasil Splitz are perfect for players that love slot gaming.

Play Yggdrasil Splitz for Maximum Entertainment

The online casino world is changing and Yggdrasil’s developers are always on top of the game. The Splitz mechanic is their latest attempt to make your spinning experience more engaging and entertaining. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or a pro, these slots take a familiar concept and transform it into something truly special. So, if you’re ready to split symbols and increase the number of ways you can win jackpots worth thousands, make sure you check out the latest Yggdrasil Splitz games today.