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Hanzo’s Dojo Behind the Scenes

The best way to get noticed is to stand out and Yggdrasil slots do exactly that, in all the right ways. Our latest release comes in the form of a large sumo wrestler alongside surprisingly gentle and detailed graphics.

Hanzo’s Dojo is the slot and this new game evokes a tranquil yet exciting air all set in a Japanese martial arts school. Yggdrasil is well known for great attention to detail and this slot is no exception to that rule. Stunning in both gameplay and looks, Hanzo’s Dojo is an excellent addition to our repertoire as it’s actually a sneaky two games in one deal and something we will delve into a little deeper.

Hanzo’s Dojo is a five reel, three row slot that has 25 fixed paylines and an extra little row lying sneakily in the roof of the dojo. The reels themselves are in the shape of a dojo set in what looks to be a traditional oriental garden. The attention to detail is incredible as there are little lions heading the steps pink cherry blossoms draping across the reel corners and colourful lamps dangling from the edges.It only gets better when you look at the symbols on the reels. Each of them follows the Japanese martial arts theme with incredible detail. There are four main symbols, which are also the highest valued icons. Each one is a different, rather menacing looking martial artist and each of them has a clear and defining characteristic. There’s a hulking sumo wrestler complete with giant beads around his neck, an elegant yet deadly looking woman with a fan, a hooded and masked ninja, and lastly a samurai warrior complete with armour. Keep an eye out for the sumo as he’s the highest paying icon at 235 times your bet when landing five.

There are three bonus icons in this game, two of which appear on the regular reels, and one which only pops up in that sneaky hidden roof reel. The wild and free spin icons each turn up across all reels and are represented by a menacing golden samurai mask and a gold gong respectively. The final symbol, found only on that Rooftop reel, is Hattori Hanzo the legendary teacher himself. He is an austere bearded gentleman and landing him on that top reel will yield you some rather excellent bonus features, which we’ll discuss later on.

We could probably rave about the graphics all day from the opening video through to the tiny animations almost going unnoticed behind the reels as you play.
The opening video is a visual masterpiece. You’re greeted with gentle flowing cherry blossom petals only for them to be disrupted by a flying ninja star. This is swiftly followed by an array of daggers aimed with precision at a wooden punching manikin. A samurai sword glints, swiping down to take off an arm. It is then that the sumo launches into the screen with a ground-shaking thump accompanied by a flurry of falling petals. The artistry of this animation is incredible and done with great attention for detail!

Let’s get to the fun stuff that you’ve all been dying to know – the bonus features.Every player knows to expect greatness from Yggdrasil games, and let us tell you that this game will not disappoint.

We’ll first discuss that intriguing Rooftop row. This is a 3×1 setup that, as we mentioned, only has the bonus symbols landing there. It almost spins independently of the regular reels though is triggered by hitting the spin button. Each of the symbols has a different function and effect on the game.

The wild, when landed on that top row, will expand downwards, covering the reel that lies directly below. This means that all the symbols in that reel will become wild. This can create some really great winning combinations. Getting a full set of three on that top reel is obviously going to be quite lucrative.

Landing free spins icons up here will award you with the number of free spins displayed across the gong. Keep an eye out for this number as it will change on the different free spins icons as they pop up – the regular free spins icon will award three, but if there are dragons next to the gong, this is the one that will payout the bonus and four free spins. In addition to the free spins, you’ll also get access to a booster. These are awarded at one per symbol so of course, the aim is to get as many free spins icons up there as possible. These boosters include either two extra free spins, paylines that operate both ways, a double multiplier on any wins, an entire fifth reel that’s turned wild, or a 3×3 symbol nudged into better positions as the reels spin. With so much going for you how can you refuse this game!

Hanzo is the final symbol up here and the one that you really want to get. He also offers free spins but these Hanzo spins are set to three. That doesn’t mean that you can’t trigger further free spins during his feature though. However, landing one Hanzo icon is not enough. All three of the Rooftop slots much be filled to get this bonus going. In addition to the three free spins, one randomly chosen symbol will expand to become 3×3 in a colossal reel format covering over the central three reels. It will also lock in place for the duration of the Hanzo spins. If you’re lucky then the booster that comes alongside it will be something like the fifth reel being wild. This has offered huge payouts in the past as you’re pretty much guaranteed to snag a good few wins.
The drama doesn’t stop there for when the slot counts up your final total you’re once again greeted by that large sumo wrestler. He dances about on the reels as your coins are mounting up, before smashing triumphantly into the ground to reveal your winning total. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we definitely enjoy that extra little bit of showmanship surrounding a big win.

Outside of the Rooftop reels, there are still plenty of chances to get in some good wins. The free spins can also be triggered in the base game but this does require landing at least three if you wish to trigger them. However, one of them can be in the Rooftop row, which will also award you a booster. Similarly, the wild can land down here and will just fulfil a normal role taking place of a single symbol to help create some winning combinations.

The fun is out the way so here are some of the boring, yet very important bits to bear in mind.

This is a medium variance slot game with actually quite a high trigger rate for the free spins. This is as low as 1 in every 90 spins.

The game has an RTP or return to player rate of 96.1% and it is a great slot for any budget player. Triggering the Hanzo Spins will also reward you well no matter the bet amount as you have the chance get a massive 2100 times the initial bet.

Hanzo’s Dojo is yet another phenomenal slot from Yggdrasil. It provides a huge number of winning opportunities not to mention it’s just beautiful to look at. The ambient soundtrack fits nicely into the background and it’s rather a nice extra touch to this slot. Start honing your warrior skills at the Dojo. Who knows, some of that hard training might pay off …

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