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Yggdrasil jackpot winners’ stories!

For most of us, the thrill of online gambling comes from the fact that we might achieve that life-changing win. The best way to grab these potentially impressive wins is definitely through the jackpot slots that are available. Of course, regular slots can pay out handsomely too, but you’re more than likely going to be working at it for a long time. Heading over to a jackpot slot is really where the massive wins are. You must have heard of the big winners that happen every now and again, right? All of them were jackpot slots.

So what are these jackpot slots we speak of? Well, they’re actually progressives, which means that as more people play, the larger the pot gets. Rather like playing the lottery, when no one wins it, the pot simply increases. This means that you stand a very good chance of getting a payout in the multi-millions, even on a low wager spin. There are a number of these slots around, some of which have better odds than others, some of which pay out on a more consistent basis, and some that have bigger jackpots than others.

Yggdrasil is well known for its excellent slot game selection, but what many don’t know is that we also offer up a number of excellent progressive jackpot slots as well. Flying under the radar are both Empire Fortune and Joker Millions. Each of these games offer up the same equal opportunities at winning and equally huge jackpots. So let’s bring these games to light and see what they’re all about.

Empire Fortune has been out for a few years now and has a dramatic and distinct theme following the idea of grandeur and old-school wealth. And by old-school we mean really old, think cavernous halls, stone pillars and precious stone studded jewellery. The slot itself has a very traditional setup of just five reels and three rows that equates to twenty paylines. These reels spin within a golden frame adding to the opulence.

Joker Millions was released around the same time as Empire Fortune but offers up a very different spin on the progressive world. This slot is a little more subdued and classy, featuring rather more traditional options within the slot. It too though has a five reel, three row, twenty payline setup but really there the similarities end. These reels sit on a rather demure, bordering on gloomy backdrop though there are a few red sparkles to add a little glitz to the proceedings.

There are always stories in the news of the latest big winners and it is these stories that always whet our appetites when it comes to having a cheeky spin or two. “If someone else can win on their way to work, I can too”, says that naughty little voice in the back of our heads. To get you inspired, here are some of the biggest, best and most recent jackpot wins on Empire Fortune and Joker Millions. Not that we want you to win or anything!

One of the biggest wins recently for this game happened in November 2017. The lucky Norwegian player was enjoying a late night Saturday spin at Betsson casino via their mobile. The player managed to scoop a comfortable 1.12 million euros making it a pretty good evening! In fact, mobile is possibly the way to go if you’re looking to become a millionaire through this game, as up until that point, all the jackpots for this game have paid out via the mobile platform.

The biggest win for this game was recorded earlier in 2017 during July. Impressively this record win of 5.1 million euros is a jackpot total that still stands for this game. Once again this was hit on the Betsson casino platform to … that’s right, you guessed it, a Norwegian!

As we mentioned, the game hasn’t dropped and neither has its partner Joker Millions in quite some time, so you’re looking at a pretty good chance right now.

It seems that if you want to be really lucky, you need to be Norwegian. February this year (2018) saw a very lucky player earn themselves a decent 1.9 million euros through the slot at LeoVegas. Again, it was on the mobile platform so maybe there is more to be said for that platform. The player in question, Chris, was sitting in the car whilst his girlfriend went to grab some shopping. Opting for a relatively midlevel bet, he spun the reels at 1.25 per spin, nothing too dramatic. In the short wait time, he had managed to activate the jackpot spins, hoping, as any sane person would, to score a screenful of jokers. To his surprise and disbelief, fifteen landed winning him the jackpot.

October 2017 saw a very lucky player nab 3.48 million euro on Joker Millions through the Vera&John casino. Similar to the Empire Fortune wins, this was also on a mobile putting to rest the stigma that the mobile platform isn’t as lucrative as its desktop counterpart. The game starts at just 70 cents and just the one spin could see you rake in the millions. This win matches a similar winner that struck gold in Christmas of the previous year.

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