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Sonya and the New Table Games Vertical

Sonya Blackjack is the first Yggdrasil Table Game to go live, with Sonya simply the name of the dealer in the game. The game uses the latest motion-capture technology. The Mo-cap process means that all of the movements performed by the 3D dealer, Sonya, resemble those of a real life dealer as closely as possible. For future games, a number of other dealer characters are being developed, using the same process, allowing each of them to be able to interact with the players also.

Further features of this game allow players to communicate and ‘sit’ with other players who are enjoying the same game. The game will also offer seamless compatibility across all platforms, allowing players access Sonya Blackjack at home, on a desktop or on-the-go via a mobile device. As is Yggdrasil’s usual style, the games will be available on all operating systems, so there are no worries there. The REDUX software also ensures that all games have a fast load-time.

In the near future, Baccarat and Roulette will also undergo a similar treatment, allowing players to explore a range of these futuristic table games. Products will constantly evolve and improve, in line with Yggdrasil’s MO, and we can expect to see upgrades before the year is out. Currently, the game already offers a multiplayer function, so it isn’t just the one player duking it out against the house, but many.

This is just the start, the company has developed a road map of innovations which they plan to implement over the next couple of years. Just as they took the slot-game world by storm a few years ago, so they intend to do the same with table games. As the Head of Table Games has mentioned, the table-game market has become static of late and is in much need of a shake-up and improvement!

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