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Wolf Hunters Behind the Scenes

Wolf Hunters throws you right into the thick of things where a werewolf is hunting down innocent townsfolk all in the name of sport. It’s down to you and two hunters to stop the werewolf from taking out everyone. The slot combines a series of stunning graphics with some incredibly intricate gaming devices, all of which make for a rather compelling game. With three different free spins modes on offer, play your spins right and you could be walking off with a pocketful of gold.

Wolf Hunters is a five-reel, three-row slot that has just twenty fixed pay lines. These reels are found on a rather ominous looking castle, something that could easily be home to Dracula as it could a werewolf. Lights guide you straight up to the reels, but they could also be guiding that werewolf, and who knows what other monsters. The rest of the slot is dark; clouds swirl in the distance with the promise of a storm to come. The details here only serve to heighten your senses, and the eerie sounds emitted by the game, will increase the fear factor.

The game has only just begun, and it gets more intriguing. Looking at the slots on the reels reveals some rather disturbing sights. All the higher value icons appear to be weapons of some kind. The main one is, of course, the werewolf itself, and this is a truly terrifying beast, snarling and slavering with huge teeth and blood red eyes. As well as a werewolf – the best weapon of all – there are a range of items that are presumably going to be used by the hunters. These include a silver bullet, a steel foot trap and a strange looking bottle holding some mystical green elixir.

As you’ll find with most of our games, the playing card suits – clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts, represent the remaining four symbols. Each of these is brightly coloured with no specific relation to the theme, with a possible exception of the hearts. This blood red symbol looks eerily like a bat …

There are several bonus icons in the game as well. First up is a wild that replaces all other regular paying symbols and can appear in the base game and all the different free spins options. This is simply a gold icon with the word ‘Wild’ emblazoned across it. Every time a wild lands on the reels, it will trigger a respin with all the wilds as sticky ones.

Though the werewolf icon pays out by itself, this symbol also can become wild.  There are two bonus icons, and these are the two hunters. Each look more than capable of taking on the werewolf, which they do throughout the game, but more on that in a bit.

Each of the two hunters and the werewolf has a meter relating to them. The two hunters’ bars are to do with Rage points, which are used to activate extra games and are accumulated through play. The werewolf’s bar is his health status, and this too has a bearing on what aspects of the game get triggered. It sounds complicated, but you’ll soon get the hang of it, and it really does make the game a little more spectacular.

The two hunters, or the hunter and huntress as they’re named, will, as we mentioned, always try to attack the werewolf when it lands. If the hunter is successful, then that specific hunter will receive a single Rage point on their meter. The aim here is to reach 100 points, because this will then trigger the third free spins mode known as the Hunter Free Spins. This may sound a little daunting for a first-time player, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The first loading of this game sees one of the hunters, chosen at random, to have a start of 70 Rage points, with the other one having 30. Isn’t that generous? Their Rage meters are found on either side of the reels, the hunter on the left and the huntress on the right. At their feet, they each have a small globe that slowly fills up in blue as they gain Rage.

The hunters also can undergo upgrades and doing this gives them a much better chance of defeating the werewolf when they face off against one another. The hunters are also more successful and have a higher chance of winning a fight when they land in any of the Free Spins modes. To upgrade the hunter, you’ll have to land three of the hunter bonus symbols. This will upgrade the hunter that the symbol relates to and pay out two free spins. When the hunter is operating in this upgraded form and makes a successful hit on the werewolf, the werewolf will become a wild and expand to the left single reel. However, once the hunter is upgraded, all the bonus symbols get removed from the reels.

The huntress can also be upgraded, and this occurs in a similar fashion when you manage to land three huntress icons on the reels. She also awards two additional free spins. When she manages to land a hit on a werewolf in this upgraded role, the werewolf again turns wild, but this time expands up and down a single reel position. As with the hunter, once the huntress is upgraded, all the bonus icons get removed from the reels.

If just one of the hunters gets upgraded during the free spin mode, things are looking up for you because the werewolf will always fight the upgraded one. If both are upgraded, then the fight occurs randomly with either one of them being eligible to fight the werewolf.

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