Boku Casino Sites: Use Your Mobile to Pay and Play

Mobile casino games are all the rage. From the top Yggdrasil mobile slots to our recommend iOS and Android casinos, gaming on the go have become hugely popular in recent years. Naturally, with more people doing more thing via their phones, developers have taken note.With that being the case, one of the latest innovations to sweep across the industry is mobile payment. Known technically as pay by phone bill solutions, these systems are designed to speed things up. By removing the need for financial details such as debit card numbers and expiry dates, these processors can help you deposit funds to your favourite online casino in seconds. One of the leading pay by phone processors is Boku. Launched in 2009, listed on the London Stock Exchange and processing upwards of €1.5 billion per year, this company has taken the gaming world by storm. Indeed, when you use a top-rated Boku casino, you’ll not only find that the games are great but crediting your account is a breeze. Naturally, we want you to be fully informed before you start searching for Boku slots and table games. So, to help you, we’ve compiled a complete guide to Boku casino sites and all they entail.

The Top Pay by Boku Casino Sites

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of this payment methods, check out recommended pay by Boku casino operators. Listed below, these Yggdrasil slots and table game partners are the perfect places to try this innovative deposit method.

Boku Casino Deposits: How to Pay with Your Mobile

Before we walk you through how to make a deposit at our favourite Boku payment casino sites, we need to make on thing clear: this isn’t a credit scheme. Although it may seem like you’re being loaned money, that’s not the case.

In simple terms, when you use a Boku casino, the operator will prompt you to input your phone number. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be sent an SMS text message and asked to confirm any transactions you make. Assuming you authorise the payment, the casino will tell Boku to issue a charge. This basically means that Boku tells your contract provider to apply an additional charge to your bill.

For example, if you make a Boku casino deposit totalling €10 and your monthly contract is €30, you’d have to pay €40 the month following your transaction. Similarly, if you’re a pay as you go customer, any deposit you make will be deducted from your available credit. So, if you had €20 credit and made a €5 Boku deposit, you’d be left with €15.

The reason some people may assume Boku casino payments are like a loan is because you don’t pay the charge straight away. In the case of pay as you go customers, this certainly isn’t true. However, even for contracted customers, the charge has to be paid.

Now we’ve cleared that up, here’s how you can enjoy pay by Boku slots and table games:

  1. Visit one of our recommended desktop casinos or Boku mobile casino sites.
  2. Create an account and head to the cashier page.
  3. Select Boku from the list of options.
  4. Input your phone number and deposit amount (the maximum is €30).
  5. Wait for an SMS text message and hit Y or Yes to confirm. If you receive a text and didn’t request a deposit, hit N or No to decline it.

When the transaction is complete, the funds will be available in your account. Simple.

Why Should I Choose Boku Casino Sites?

The obvious reasons to choose a Boku casino are speed and efficiency. Once you’ve registered your phone number with a relevant site, all you need to do it input your deposit amount and confirm it via text. Unlike using a debit or credit card, you don’t have to enter your details every time. What’s more, you can be anywhere and make deposits at any time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Boku Casinos

Alongside its obvious benefits, there some other factors you need to consider before you spin Boku slots and stack chips at the tables:


Safe: No transaction will go through unless you authorise it via text. This basically gives you an additional layer security other casino payment methods don’t have.

Flexible: Boku is compatible with every major UK and European mobile network. This means you can make deposits whatever operator you use or device you own.

Inbuilt Safeguards: One of Boku’s best features is its deposit limit. By limiting you to a maximum transaction of €30, Boku has made it easier for you to manage your money.


Not Ideal for High Rollers: If you play for high stakes, the €30 cap on Boku casino deposits won’t be ideal.

Deposit Only: You can’t use Boku to make withdrawals. Because the system can’t credit money to your phone bill, you’ll have to find an alternative such as PayPal when it comes to cashing out.