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If you’re looking to get extra fun and prize potential from your casino sessions – then don’t miss the regular casino promotions from Yggdrasil. These are some of the coolest slot promotions in the casino world, and can have prize pools worth hundreds of thousands of euros – often with thousands of prizes and even holiday giveaways!


You can play the top Yggdrasil slot promotions at a large number of high quality online casinos. Our links will take you to the sites offering the current Yggdrasil slot promotion, let you claim bonuses, and instantly enter the promotion once it starts.

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Yggdrasil slot promotions, are exclusive special contests that you can enter to win a range of cash prizes and rewards, at selected casinos. To play, you’ll need to register (or be an existing player) at a casino offering a slot promotion, and click a pop-up during the promotional period, to activate your entry. Once entered, you’ll then need to perform specific tasks, such as playing certain games, gaining points, and performing missions.

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Many Yggdrasil slot promotions, feature ‘missions’, meaning you need to perform certain tasks to gain points. For example, in the 50K Gods of Halloween promotion from 2019, players were required to smash five pumpkins on Pumpkin Smash slot, collect 50 Free Spin Symbols on Vikings Go Berzerk, Unlock the whole board 4 times on Valley Of The Gods 2, and get a block bigger than 2Γ—2, 30 times on Hades slot. The total spin number taken to complete the mission, counted as the score (getting a low score boosted the leaderboard position).

Random wins

Some Yggdrasil slot promotions, feature ‘random wins’, meaning you get a chance to win random prize drops, whenever you play a qualifying promotional game, during the duration of the promotion period. During 2020’s Easter Prize Drop, players took a share of 500 x Easter Bunnies worth €10, 00X Hen’s Eggs worth €200, and 1X Easter Egg worth €5,000.

Yggdrasil Slot Promotion Prizes

Yggdrasil slot promotions offer an array of prizes, with leaderboards, helpful score resetting and often thousands of prizes on offer.

Leaderboard scoring

When you play mission-based slot promotions, your score, if good enough, will get you a place on the leaderboard. The leaderboard can be viewed inside the game or promotion’s deck inside your casino account – meaning you can easily track your ranking.

Resetting your score

Once you’ve complete a mission on a promotion, and got a score, you can have another go to try and get a better total, to boost the chances of winning a prize. The Yggdrasil promotions are programmed to reset your score, if you can’t beat your previous effort. This means you won’t waste spins and budget.


Every Yggdrasil slot promotion has a different total prize pool, and prize structure. One of the biggest promotions every run, was Christmas Adventures in 2019, which had a €300,000 total prize pool and a €20,000 holiday to Hawaii giveaway! Smaller promotions from Yggdrasil, have included the Golden Gamble, a promo that gave away €12,000 across a Golden Gamble Million and Tournament. Every Yggdrasil promotion, offers you something different in terms of themes, missions, prize drops, total prize pool and prize number and levels.

Yggdrasil Slot Promotions

Yggdrasil runs several slot promotions every year, with typically one or two, every season. Some of the best past promotions, include Fall Fortune, 50K Lucky Charms, Jackpot Hunt, Summer Vibes, Easter Prize Drop, Perfect Match, Christmas Adventures, Weekends Go Berzerk, Golden Gamble, Golden Egg, Niagara Falls Prize Drop, and Dr Fortuno Mystery Prize Cash.

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Christmas Adventures Promotion Insight

The Yggdrasil Christmas Adventures promotion, is possibly the biggest and most popular promo, released so far. The total prize pool of €300,000 was split into several missions and prize drops – with some insane prizes winnable:

Season €50,000 680 prizes, 1 x €8,000, 1 x €5,000, 1 x €3,000, 2 x €2,000, 4 x €1,000, 8 x €500, + hundreds of €10-200 prizes!
Sleigh to Hawaii €100,000 total (720 prizes, €20,000 Hawaii Holiday, 2 x €10,000, 3 x €5,000, 4-5 x €1,000, 6-10 x €700, + 100’s of €25-500 prizes)
Christmas Crackered €100,000 969 prizes, 1 x €10,000, 1 x €5,000, 2 x €3,000, 3 x €2,000, 4 x €1,000, 15 x €500, + 100’s of €10-250 prizes!
2020 Tournament €50,000 total (Up to 1000+ prizes, 1 x €10,000, 2 x €7,000, 3 x €3,000, 4-5 x €1,000, 6-10 x €500, + 100’s of €20-200 prizes)

To win prizes in this slot promotion, you simply needed to opt-in at a casino running the contest and complete the required tasks in each mission, prize drop or tournament.
The Season and Christmas Crackered, were prize drops, gifting players random prizes during sessions on slots including Sahara Nights, Vikings Go Wilds, Double Dragons, The One Armed Bandit, and Ozwin’s Jackpot.
The Sleigh to Hawaii element, was a mission to collect 3 Vikings Go Berzerk chests, trigger 3 Valley Of The Gods’ statues, and collect 50 free spin icons in Vikings Go To Hell; the fact this slot promotion gave away a VIP Hawaii holiday, shows just how incredible it was!
Finally, the 2020 Tournament, gave away prizes for the highest coin wins across Golden Fish Tank, Dwarf Mine, Jackpot Raiders, and Casino Cosmos.


To play Yggdrasil slot promotions, you simply need to sign-up to a casino running the promotion, click the to opt-in, and then play during the qualifying period (e.g. Christmas Adventures ran between 16 December 2019 and 12 January 2020). At Yggdrasil Casino, we keep you up to date with the latest Yggdrasil slot promotions – meaning you can just click to select a casino, sign-up, claim a bonus and then play the promotion.

    1. Open account a a casino offers Yggdrasil slot promotion
    2. Sign-up, claim any bonuses, and click the pop-up to Opt-in to promotion
    3. Play between the start and end dates of the promotional period
    4. Read the promotion’s rules to understand how to try and win
    5. Complete the tasks, missions and goals needed


Winning prizes from Yggdrasil slot promotions, is fundamentally, all about luck. However, you can apply some simple tips and strategies, to maximise your fun and hopefully find some lucky spins and prizes.
Generally, you don’t need big stakes to play Yggdrasil slot promotions – meaning you get great value fun, with just as much chance of winning as any other player, whatever their betting level. This means you’ll want to try and set your bet level at a small enough size, to help you get through the missions, or play lots of rounds to try and land random prize drops (if winnable in the promo).
Another tip is keep an eye on the leaderboard, helping you decide if you’re in a good position, have lost your place, or are not in contention for a prize. This can help you decide if you want to have another crack at the promotional missions. You can also see how many prizes are left to be won, when applicable.


Find the fast answers to frequently asked slot promotion questions.

What are slot promotions?

Slot promotions are slot tournament style competitions, which offer players the chance to spin to win special prizes, in addition to standard slot wins. These contests are usually free to enter, and just require players to place real money bets on certain games, to win random prizes, or rewards for completing specific slot missions and tasks (such as spinning a certain symbol or collecting items). Prizes are random, or paid out for the best scores.

Does Yggdrasil offer regular slot promotions?

Yggdrasil offers a regular stream of slot promotions, such as Fall Fortune, 50K Lucky Charms, Jackpot Hunt, Summer Vibes, Easter Prize Drop, Perfect Match, Christmas Adventures, Weekends Go Berzerk, Golden Gamble, Golden Egg, Niagara Falls Prize Drop, and Dr Fortuno Mystery Prize Cash.

Where to find the best big slot promotions?

At Yggdrasil Casino we bring players the top Yggdrasil slot promotions, including secure links to the best casinos running each promotion. Our promotions team, also explain the rules of each Yggdrasil promo, plus tips for playing with maximum fun and winning potential prizes.

Do I need to deposit to play slot promotions?

Usually, you can opt-in to a slot promotion for free, without specifically making a deposit. However, most slot promotions do require you to make real money bets, to trigger the chance of random prize drops while spinning, and/or to enable you to complete the required slot mission (and get a score that can win a prize).

Do I need to a big budget to win big slot promotion prizes?

No. You can play Yggdrasil slot promotions, with low betting levels (usually using the minimum stake, if you desire). Using bigger stakes does not boost your chances of winning a prize, or change the value of the win.

What prizes can be won from slot promotion?

Yggdrasil slot promotions, feature big prize pools, which can get as big as €50000 or even €300000! There are usually hundreds or thousands of potential prizes, ranging from €5 – €10 – all the way to €20,000 or more. You can also find promotions, with prizes such as VIP holidays to Hawaii and other cool goodies!