Release Date November 22, 2018
Game Type Video slot
Lines 25
Max RTP 97.0%
Volatility 50
Maximum Win
Mobile Yes

Baron Samedi Slot Review

Make a deal with Baron Samedi and you could walk away with a payout worth a staggering €125,000! That’s right, when you take a spin on this Yggdrasil creation, voodoo magic can transform your fortunes. Of course, before you mix with spirits and spin, it’s important to know the basics. So, to help you navigate a world that exists between the natural and supernatural, make sure you take a look through our Baron Samedi slot review.

Enter a Mystical World of Magical Cards and Mega Payouts: Baron Samedi Plot

Taking the spirit of the mythical Baron Samedi, this game is a modern-day tribute to an ancient icon. In voodoo culture, a Loa straddles the divide between the invisibles and the Supreme Creator. Giving us mere mortals a shot at something divine, these god-like creatures are worth knowing. With that being the case, it’s easy to see why this slot is popular.

What’s great about this online slot is that it places you above the action. As you enter the void between earth and the spirit world, you’ll look down on a mystical board game. Lined with juju beads, burning candles and skulls, you know this is a serious game. However, if you make the right moves and let Baron Samedi guide you, there’s no telling what riches might come your way.

Cast a Spell for Free: Play the Baron Samedi Demo Game

The dark arts aren’t to be messed with. To avoid any unfortunate spells, we suggest taking a turn on our free demo slot game. Offering all the magic of its real money counterpart, this practice slot is the perfect way to avoid any costly mistakes.

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Getting Technical: Baron Samedi RTP

Every Baron Samedi slot online has an RTP of 97%. Built up through a combination of fixed wins, innovative bonuses and generous payouts, this theoretical return rate should satisfy every type of player. In fact, when you compare Baron Samedi slots to some other Yggdrasil greats such as Nitro Circus and Dark Vortex, its RTP stands out a special. Of course, that’s not to say the others aren’t worth a spin. However, if you’re looking for frequent returns, this game has plenty of potential.

Small Bets and Generous Jackpots

According to voodoo tradition, every Lao is there to be served. To put it another way, you need to offer Baron Samedi a gift before he’ll work his magic. In practice, this means wagering between €0.10 and €125 per spin.

As you’d expect, the more you offer the more you’ll get back. Because each prize is based on a multiple of your coin value, bigger bets receive bigger payouts. For those who wager the maximum (5 coins), five Baron Samedi symbols will unlock a 120X jackpot worth €600.

However, if you thought that was the only trick this mystical slot has up its sleeve, think again. By scrolling down to the next section of this Baron Samedi slot review, you’ll see there are ways to up to €125,000!

Baron Samedi Slot Free Spins and Magic Cards

Every bonus is based on cards. Following the ancient traditions of voodoo, these cards represent something magical. To give you a head start, all newbies receive six cards. As you spin the five reels and 25 paylines, you’ll have the opportunity to collect more cards. As your collection grows, the power you have during a free spins round increases.

Eventually, once you complete a collection, you’ll receive three free spins. As the reels turn, any active cards will add a dose of magic to mix. From mystery reels and random wilds to guaranteed wins, these cards are your ticket to untold riches. Indeed, the more you have, the better each free spins bonus will be.

If that’s not enough to tempt you, Baron Samedi has one final trick up his sleeve. Any time you roll in three or more “free spin” symbols, the payout potential soars. For three bonus icons, you’ll receive seven free spins and 50 coins. Four symbols is worth 12 spins and 375 coins. However, the granddaddy of them all is a five-symbol bonus. Find a quintet of “free spin” icons and you’ll receive 15 free spins, each of which will be boosted by your magic cards. On top of that, you’ll scoop 25,000 coins! If you’re playing at the maximum stakes, that’s a top payout of €125,000!

Embrace the Magic of Voodoo and Play Baron Samedi Slots Today

For a date with the Baron, all you need to do is check out one of the top UK casinos and take a spin. By offering up a suitable gift, this mystical slot will give you the chance to win some out of this world jackpots. In fact, it’s thanks to the bonus features that Baron Samedi slots are rated 5/5 by Yggdrasil fans. So, if you’re ready to embrace the power of voodoo, take a look through our recommended online casino sites and take a turn with the Baron today. 


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"Baron Samedi is one of the coolest and most varied games out there. It takes a while to figure out the potential but with over 30,000 different possible card combinations you can spend a long time fantasising about the best possible 3 cards to be dealt ...until it happens for real."

Martin - Game Expert