Release Date May 7, 2020
Default bet size €1
RTP 96.2%
Paylines 20
Bet Range €0.10 - €100
Volatility 47
Maximum Win €213,050


Under the pale moonlight, where werewolves play, a new slot has risen. Plucked from the Victorian era and set in New Orleans, this supernatural spinner has magical powers beyond belief. Indeed, when the right combination of suitably spooky symbols line up, Blood Moon Wilds is capable of dispending payouts worth upwards of €200,000!

Of course, like all things that go bump in the night, you never know what’s lurking around the corner. In fact, with werewolves running wild and blood flowing through the game, you have to tread carefully. To help guide you as you play for mega jackpots, we’ve put together a complete Blood Moon Wilds slot review. Outlining everything you need to know, our guide will help you get the most from this spooktacular video slot.  


If you’re brave enough to step into the shadows and play Blood Moon Wilds slots, you’ll have to keep your wits about you. The first thing you’ll notice is the ominous track that supports this creepy slot. Reminiscent of a Hollywood movie score, this tune sets the scene for what’s a visually impressive, if not a little scary looking, slot.

As you peer through a thin veil of mist wafting across the game board, you’ll see five reels set inside a stone sculpture. Behind each symbol is a wooden trapdoor which seems to signify the air of mystery and uncertainty in this game. At the top of the stone structure, two werewolves guard the lunar calendar. Each time you spin, the moons within the calendar go through their various phases. When they stop in the right place, there’s every chance some serious prize are going to come your way.


Don’t step into the darkness without knowing where to tread. Use the Blood Moon Wilds slot free play software to get a feel for what this fantastic spinner has to offer.

Play Blood Moon Wilds slots


To play Blood Moon Wilds slots, you’ll need to pay the proverbial piper. Fortunately, in the interests of accessibility, the werewolves in this game aren’t baying for blood. In practice, this means you can spin the five reels and 20 paylines from as little as €0.10. Of course, if you’ve got a bit more to spend and want to shoot for bigger payouts, you can stake up to €100 per spin.

Regardless of the amount you wager, the Blood Moon Wilds slot machine prize multipliers remain the same. Obviously, the actual cash amounts you’ll win will run in line with the amount you bet. However, in terms of per mechanics, prize multipliers run from 1X to 50X your total bet. At the lowest betting limits, this means you can win up to €5 when you match five red-haired characters. At the top stakes, the same combination is worth €5,000.

Sticking with the technical aspects of the Blood Moon Wilds slot game, the return to player (RTP) is 96.2%. Add to this a hit frequency of 21.1% and a volatility score of 47 and you’ve got a recipe for something special each time you spin. However, that’s not the end of the story. To make Blood Moon Wilds slots as scarily attractive proposition, the developers at Yggdrasil have added some sick bonuses to the mix. When you take their potential into account, the maximum default win can reach a staggering €213,050.


We can’t conclude this Blood Moon Wilds slot review without talking about bonuses. In fact, if we covered nothing else, bonuses would be our top priority. As we’ve already mentioned, moons play a central role in your fortunes. Each time you spin, the moons will roll through a sequences of phases. Any time the sequence stops on a full moon, all high-paying symbols turn into werewolves. These lycanthropes act as wilds, meaning a full moon can unlock massive winning combinations.

Running in tandem with this feature are a selection of random modifiers. Striking when you least suspect it, random wilds and multipliers can lead to unexpected wins and mega payouts. This, combined with full moon wilds are a major reasons Blood Moon Wilds slots are bigger and better than most.

Get more with Blood Moon Wilds free spins!

Of course, you can’t cover all these bases and forget free spins. If you look across the Yggdrasil catalogue, all the top titles, including Sahara Nights slots, feature free spins. With that being the case, you can trigger the Blood Moon Wilds slot free spins round when you roll in three blood moons. Prior to the start of the round, random moons within the lunar calendar will turn blood red. Any time one of these land in the centre spot, high-paying symbols will turn into wilds.

That’s enough to make the Blood Moon Wilds slot free spins highly lucrative. However, when you add in the fact this game also features random free spin symbols, you can trigger even more gratis turns. Indeed, if the right combinations roll in and you receive a bit of luck, you could turn a single Blood Moon Wilds slot bonus into prizes worth 2,130X your total bet!


Where Can I Play the Blood Moon Wilds Slot Machine?

This Yggdrasil favourite is available at many of our top casino partners. To find the perfect place to play Blood Moon Wilds slots, scroll through our list of recommended platforms, pick a site that suits and create your first account today.

Is the Blood Moon Wilds Slot Game Fair And Safe?

Yes! Yggdrasil is fully regulated by a variety of international organisations, including the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). In tandem with these licences, all Yggdrasil slots are tested and certified as fair by independent gaming agencies. This means that every Yggdrasil game, including Blood Moon Wilds, is totally safe, secure and fair.

How Much Can I Win Playing Blood Moon Wilds Slot Games?

The biggest jackpot for Blood Moon Wilds slots is 50X your total bet. However, that’s not the largest total payout. With the right combination of symbols, free spins, modifiers and multipliers, it’s possible to win up to 2,130X your bet or, at the max stakes, €213,050.

Is There A Strategy To Use Playing Blood Moon Wilds Slot?

The best strategy you can use when you play Blood Moon Wilds slots is to have fun. Even though there are major prizes to be won, that shouldn’t be your focus. In fact, during this Blood Moon Wilds slot review, we’ve tried to give you a sense of what this game is like from all perspectives. For us, Blood Moon Wilds is as much about entertainment as payout potential. So, if you want to get the most out of your experience, our advice is to enjoy it and have some fun.


Don’t be put off by this slot’s ominous presence. Even though we wouldn’t advise playing with wild werewolves under normal circumstances, it’s worth the risk in this instance. As long as you understand the basics, play within your limits and enjoy a healthy dose of luck, Blood Moon Wilds slots can be highly lucrative. In fact, even if the moon and stars don’t align and trigger mega jackpots, we’re confident you’ll still love what this spinner has to offer.  

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