Release Date October 17, 2019
Game Type GVC exclusive Video Slot
Default bet size € 1.00
Max RTP 96.2 %
Volatility 47.38
Paylines 20
default max bet € 100
Max win on default max bet €213,050

blood-moon-wilds-slot-yggdrasil-reviewBLOOD MOON WILDS OFFICIAL YGGDRASIL SLOT REVIEW

‘Yggdrasil’s scary Blood Moon Wilds slot is a sure-fire winner for wanna-be blood suckers at Halloween or anytime you need a fright night – with a truly frightening atmosphere!’

New Orleans has a long folklore of strange creatures and other worldly happenings – inclusive of the powerful Blood Moon that transforms locals into blood-thirsty werewolves! Many an intrepid visitor has ignored local warning and wandered down the the creepy mountain trails where these beasts are rumoured to lurk – but having a spin on Yggdrasil’s new Blood Moon Wilds slot looks a safer option! Exclusively playable at GVC casino, Blood Moon slot plays-out over a howling 20 payline slotscape with spins from €0.10 to €100 – with the lunar calendar loaded with the power to deliver features including free spins, Full Moon nudges and supernatural X5 multipliers! With this hair-raising slot loaded with power to boost wins up to X2130 – the machine has a maximum payout potential up to €213,050! If you can handle the gore then check-out our full Blood Moon Wilds slot review…..


New Orleans is famed for its music, nightlife, street food and Mardi Gras festival – but forget the myths about the Louisiana Werewolves at your peril! Otherwise known as the ‘Rougarou of the Bayou’, stories of shapeshifting humans who transform into blood-sucking wolves when the moon turns red, have been rife for centuries. And we can confirm the stories are more than a rumour – because Blood Moon Wilds slot is 100% loaded with Orleans locals transforming into human-wolf hybrids! When the sun sets on this Victorian-era slotscape and the Blood Moon rises – the New Orleans slot reels turn into a hunting ground for gold-seeking werewolves. Unsurprisingly, this all makes for a brilliantly bloody adventure; if you’re into horror slots, then you’ll definitely want to play the exclusive to GVC casino Blood Moon Wilds slot. Some of the features are actually pretty scary – you best be prepared if you have your audio on loud! The cool lunar calendar dial clicks above the reels on every spin, releasing the potential of supernatural wins powered by features such as the high pay symbol villagers shifting into Werewolf Wilds and the Lunar Eclipse drenching the screen in bloody riches up to X5 multipliers. Yggdrasil’s scary Blood Moon Wilds slot is a sure-fire winner for wanna-be blood suckers at Halloween or anytime you need a fright night – with a truly frightening atmosphere; dare you have a spin the next time there’s a full moon?


The New Orleans locals assure us that if you spray a werewolf with Monkshood plant extract they quickly turn from a sharped-toothed beast back into Mr or Mrs Smith. However, this stuff is hard to come by, so you can get used to these beasts with our Blood Moon Wilds slot demo – before playing for real at GVC casino:

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Early game art and characters


Yggdrasil has ensured gamers who play Blood Moon Wilds slot exclusively at GVC casino can serve-up a frightening slot session whether tucked-on in bed the laptop – or braving a moonlit session while on a night-out with the mobile! Along with a seamless transition between devices, the game’s mid-level volatility and respectable 96.2% RTP level ensures these wolves won’t tend to bite off your fingers when it comes to value entertainment. Blood Moon Wild is a sure-fire winner to alongside Yggdrasil’s other top-ranked feature slots.

Strategy tip for Blood Moon Wilds > The Free Spin mode can potentially boost your wins and serves-up plenty of suspense when triggered. So it makes sense to align your session budget and bet size to support a good spin volume to help shift the odds of activating the bonus. So using a budget that gives you 50-100 spins might be a better strategy than using a bigger stake that only gives you a handful of spins.

Blood Moon lets you spin with a coin size between €0.005 and €5.00, creating bets of 0.10 – 100.00. This means you can easily find a safe betting level for maximum fun. As for base game payout power, there are four card suit gem symbols – plus five progressively more lucrative city residents who have been struck down with a severe case of werewolfitus! Base game payouts range from x20 for three low value gems, all the way to x1000 for five high value ‘Head Shewolf’ symbols.


When you play Blood Moon Wilds video slot exclusively at GVC casino – you can look forward to a game that’s loaded with bonus features that add to the slot’s playability, excitement and reward potential on lucky spins. Much like other Yggdrasil horror slots like Lilith’s Inferno Blood Moon Wilds delivers lots of innate value thanks to cool animated bonuses and design creativity.

The Lunar Calendar really gives Blood Moon Wilds slots a unique vibe, with the device displaying the current moon cycle that you’re spinning in. So, let’s say the dial enters the Full Moon; all the highpay symbols transform into Werewolf wilds to boost winning potential. Similarly, if the Lunar Calendar shows a Blood Moon, the highpaying icons on the reels go wild and the slot positions stick as the reels turn, boosting more winning chances. Keeping your eyes on the Lunar Calendar adds suspense and fun to every session.


Every spin of Blood Moon slot is infused with the chance to trigger one of four lucrative random features:

Random Wilds: Transforms highpaying symbols into a wild to boost the payout power of winning spins.

Random Multiplier: Takes payouts to higher levels with x2, x3, x4 and x5 rewards possible!

Random Extra Free Spin: Gives you x1 extra free spin if there are two or more Free Spin symbols already on the base game reels and one free spin symbol on the reels in Free Spin mode.

Random Full Moon Nudge: The Lunar Calendar gets a nudge to create a Full Moon or Blood Moon, when there are highpaying symbols on the reels.


When you land x3 or more Free Spin symbols on the base game reels, the Free Spin mode is triggered with progressively more spins as the symbols stack-up:

X2 Free Spin symbols = 2 Free Spins (available in Free Spins
X3 Free Spin symbols = 7 Free Spins
X4 Free Spin symbols = 10 Free Spins
X5 Free Spin symbols = 12 Free Spins
X6 Free Spin symbols = 20 Free Spins (triggered by getting an extra Free Spin icon from the Random Feature)


Where can I play Blood Moon Wilds slot?
Blood Moon slot is made by Yggdrasil, but you can only play it exclusively at GVC casino. Once you create a free account at GVC you’ll be able to instantly play Blood Moon Wilds slot on any device.

What budget do I need to play Blood Moon Wilds slot?
Blood Moon Wilds slot can be played with coin sizes from €0.005 to €5.00 – meaning a betting range of 0.10 to 100.00 since the game is played across 20 paylines. You can therefore play Blood Moon video slot with an adjustable risk level to suit you fun budget.

How much can I win playing Blood Moon Wilds slot?
Blood Moon Wilds is a luck-based game that delivers fair average RTP levels to players. Lucky sessions and spins can payout a range of rewards, starting with low level winning symbols, all the way to high paying symbols and win multipliers as big as x5. All wins are calculated by multiplying your coin/bet size by the winning combination or feature. In theory the game can payout a maximum of €213,050 – but only in the unlikely event of using a max 100.00 spin and getting seriously lucky!

Is there a strategy to use playing Blood Moon Wilds slot?
Because Blood Moon Wilds online slot is based on randomness and luck, there’s no sure-fire winning strategy – it’s therefore important to only play with a fun-based budget. However, you can maximise your gaming value by selecting a coin/bet size that supports a high volume of spins; for example, you could divide a 5.00 session budget by 50 and use a bet size of 0.10.


If you’re into horror and fancy yourself as a bit of a werewolf hunter – you’re into for a bloody treat with Blood Moon slot which comes laced with the potential for x5 win multipliers. Exclusively made by Yggdrasil for GVC, Blood Moon Wilds’ 20 payline blood-fest is just the surprise for Halloween – or any other time you feel like a fright night. Load-up with bets from €0.10 – €100 and let the wolves loose in New Orleans!

Nat Ovchinnikova

Our Expert Tip

The main feature here is the transformation of symbols into Wilds, so you can expect some massive wins with the Wild lines. The lunar calendar plays a key role in the game as suddenly your non-winning spin turns into a huge win because the characters "mutated" into those hellish Werewolve-Wilds. We also added a number of random features like multipliers, random Wilds and the Moon Calendar Nudge to add an extra element of surprise for the players. So, in FS when the Blood Moon happens more often and the converted symbols stay Wild for the duration of FSs, there is a huge potential for the reward!

Natalya O. - Product Owner Slots