Champions of Rome slot

Champions of Rome

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Editor's Rating
Release Date February 1, 2019
Maximum Win €268,300 (When playing on default max bet)
Max RTP 96.4%
Volatility 44-73 (depending on which fs mode selected)
Default max bet 100
Paylines 20
Min bet €0.1

Champions of Rome Slot Review

Anyone can enter the theatre of conflict can challenge for the Champions of Rome crown. However, only those who are willing to stand and fight will walk away win the spoils. Of course, before you take a spin on the Champions of Rome slot game, you need to prepare yourself for battle. To help you hone your skills, come with us as we take you through our Champions of Rome slot review.

Enter the Theatre of Conflict: Champions of Rome Plot

As drums beats pierce the roar of the crowd, you stand in the middle of the Colosseum ready for action. With gladiators, mythical beasts and ornate shields spinning around you, the time has come to fight. As you play to the crowd, only three or more matching symbols stand between you and victory.

Put simply, this is a battle and the only way to make it out alive is spin. Fortunately, with masses on your side and an arsenal of features at your disposal, anything is possible. Indeed, if you can find the right combinations and stay within your betting limits, you could earn 12,000X payouts and, more importantly, a place alongside the Champions of Rome.

Test Your Skills for Free: Play the Champions of Rome Demo Game

No gladiator should step into the theatre of conflict without a deadly skillset. Although we can’t make you a champion overnight, we can give you the tools you need to improve. By taking a turn on the free Champions of Rome slot below, you’ll enjoy a complete gaming experience without the financial risk.

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Getting Technical: Champions of Rome RTP

In a fight for survival, anything can happen. To reflect that, every Champions of Rome slot online has an RTP of 96.4%. This makes it a medium variance spinner, which means you will have to bob and weave a succession of near misses before striking a win.

However, what’s really interesting about Champions of Rome is its hit frequency. Just as fighters vary their strike rates, so too does this game. In other words, if you play it straight and don’t buy a bonus (more on this later), the hit frequency is 44%. That’s impressive. However, if you’re a skilled operator, that figure increases to 77%. That’s a huge theoretical return and the reason this game is perfect for seasoned slot warriors.

Small Bets and Generous Jackpots

Champions of Rome slots may be a gladiatorial battle for riches, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay with your life. When you step into the arena, the stakes can be tailored to suit your bankroll and skill level. For example, if you’re a gladiator in training, the minimum coin size is 0.005. When you combine that with game’s five reels and 20 paylines, that equates to €0.10 per spin.

If you’re capable of putting more on the line, your rewards will increase accordingly. Indeed, with each prize being a multiple of your coin size, it’s possible to win between 4X and 1,200X coins. Therefore, anyone who wagers five coins per payline will be in line for fixed wins topping €6,000!

But wait, that’s not all. Anyone that’s earned their battle scars and wants an easier route to victory can buy a bonus. By paying 1,000 coins, you can skip the formalities and dive straight into a free spins round where wins and guaranteed and huge payments are possible.

Champions of Rome Slot Free Spins, Bonuses and Emperor’s Gifts

Anyone willing to put their neck on the line should be justly reward. The Champions of Rome slot machine doesn’t disappoint when it comes to added extras. We’ve already mentioned you can buy free spins, but what does that mean in practice?

In simple terms, Champions of Rome free spins come in three distinct flavours. Firstly, if you roll in two “free spin” symbols, weapons are thrown at the reels. Depending on their power and where they land, you’ll pick up a selection of wilds. Secondly, if you can roll in three or more “free spin” symbols, you’ll be given a choice.

Once you’ve be credited with some gratis turns (up to five) and some cash (up to 12,000 coins), you can choose “training spins” or “death match”. If you choose the former, you’ll receive eight standard spins. If you choose the latter, you’ll enter one of three levels and battle gladiators for coins.

Hit your coin target over a set number of spins and the emperor will award you with a 450X payout. Fail but prove your courage and a consolation prize worth up to 200X is yours. Overall, when it comes to bonuses, Champions of Rome is a game fit for champions.

Embrace the Fight and Play Champions of Rome Slots Today

In a world where only the strong survive, Champions of Rome is a hero in its own right. As well as immersive graphics and generous payouts, this game has some of the best bonus features around. Indeed, if you’re someone that loves the thrill of a fight and doesn’t mind taking a few hits to win big, you should definitely take a turn on this five-start rated slot.


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