Dr Fortuno Blackjack

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Release Date April 18, 2019
Max RTP The RTP for the main game is 99.54% The RTP of insurance is 92.60% The RTP for the Bonus bet with Jackpot is 96.5%
Default Bet Range 1€ - 500€
Game Type Blackjack Table Game
Dealer The dealer is modeled after a real dealer inheriting their gestures and interactions. He is a real professional at dealing and collecting cards, never missing a beat.

Doctor Fortuno Blackjack Review

Yggdrasil’s Doctor Fortuno slot is one of the coolest 2019 releases – but there are more tricks on the table with Doctor Fortuno Blackjack. If you’re a casino connoisseur then we’re sure you’ll find that playing inside this carnival ringmaster’s tent delivers a uniquely atmospheric blackjack game. Bets from from €1.00 to €500.00 welcomes both casual and pro gamers – supported by unique Bonus Bets and the epic Dr Fortuno Daily Jackpot!

Try your hand now – or hone your strategy with our full Doctor Fortuno Blackjack review.

Opulence awaits: Doctor Fortuno Blackjack Plot

If you haven’t already played the slot version of Doctor Fortuno, then let us fill you in on his mysterious world before you dare to play a hand against the devilishly handsome doctor.

Known as the ‘King in Yellow’, Doctor Fortuno is the ringmaster of a travelling freak show – now enhanced with an opulent blackjack tent where the man himself deals you cards with distinguished style. Yggdrasil’s attention to detail is sure to keep you entertained; check out Doctor Fortuno Blackjack’s unique shark head card holder which he taps with his fist to expertly deal-out the cards!

But don’t let the fun themed graphics fool you about the game’s serious side – Doctor Fortuno Blackjack sites offer an authentic feel thanks to 3D dealer-modelling. And you can play with pro-level bets up to €500.00.

Doctor Fortuno Blackjack sites offer intuitive gameplay, making it a top choice whatever your level. But you can still try your hand with our free Doctor Fortune Blackjack demo game below. Then play for real at the top Doctor Fortune Blackjack sites online. If you love the theme then be sure to play Doctor Fortune slot now, or try the other games in the Yggdrasil blackjack portfolio.

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Getting Technical: Blackjack RTP, Strategy & Mobile

Dr Fortuno Blackjack online offers one of the best looking mobile blackjack games you’ll have played – with solid return-to-player levels. The game delivers an RTP of 99.54% in the main game, 92.6% with insurance and 96.5% with the Jackpot Bonus Bet. While you can play Doctor Fortuno Blackjack with casual intuition and a just a basic grasp of blackjack, you can also use refined blackjack strategy to reduce the house edge and elicit more winning sessions. Dr Fortuno Blackjack’s refined dealer movements create an authentic feeling that’s ideal if you’re looking to take things seriously.

Doctor Fortuno Blackjack Betting & Payouts

Dr Fortuno BlackjackPlaying Doctor Fortuno Blackjack on mobile or desktop offers a range of betting options and payouts to rival many of the best casinos on the planet. You can take on Doctor Fortuno Blackjack with bets ranging from €1.00 to €500.00 per hand. The regular payouts are what you’d expect – with a maximum win of 2.5x your stake for a natural blackjack. However, special Bonus Bets create the chance to win multiplier prizes and potentially scoop the Daily Jackpot from the Doctor Fortuno jackpot network. This game offers fringe benefits that you don’t tend to find with normal online blackjack.

Dr Fortuno Blackjack Features: Moves, Bonus & Daily Jackpot!

Playing Doctor Fortuno Blackjack online delivers a mix of classic blackjack moves, unique Bonus Bets and the soon to be legendary Dr Fortuno Daily Jackpot!

Doctor Fortuno Blackjack brings the sophisticated class of classic blackjack to your mobile and desktop – featuring the Stand, Hit, Bust, Push, Insurance and Split rules and options. Even if you’ve never played before, you’ll soon fall for the joy of sculpting a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible.

This classy blackjack table can be played by up to five players at once, adding to its authenticity. You can also opt to leave your seat and watch the moves and bets made by the other players – a great way to hone your skill.

Selecting the Bonus Bet gives you the chance to win an awesome range of prizes

when Doctor Fortuno deals himself a Flush:
Dr Fortuno blackjack placing a bet
The Jackpot

You can play Bonus Bets from €1 to €500 to win some of the best blackjack payouts on the web. The dealer will always draw cards until a score of at least 17, when the Bonus Bet is selected.

Yggdrasil’s Dr Fortuno games (Doctor Fortuno slot and Doctor Fortuno Blackjack) share a daily jackpot network that can deliver amazing lucky wins with big money! Every time you place a Bonus Bet – you stand a chance of winning. The higher you bet at Doctor Fortuno Blackjack sites – the better your chance. You can select the Bonus Bet before any hand.

Enjoy the opulence: Play Dr Fortuno Blackjack Tonight

The devilishly stylish Doctor Fortuno Blackjack is a treat for the senses and can be played with casual €1.00 stakes – all the way to professional €500.00 hands! Featuring authentically rendered dealing – strategy players will be in their element. Throw-in the Bonus Bet and playing Doctor Fortuno Blackjack tonight could leave you with more than jackpot dreams! Play Doctor Fortuno Blackjack on mobile now. 


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