In the world of live and online slots, fruit has always been part of the mix. In fact, you could say that today’s online games are the fruits grown from seeds of the past. Now, as neat of a metaphor that is, it’s actually truer than you might think.

When you look back through the history of slots, modern spinners are directly descended from fruit machines. For those in the UK and Europe, fruit machines have been popular in pubs and clubs since the sixties. Often known by names such as Fruity Blast or Crazy Fruits, these games look exactly how you’d expect (i.e. they contain images of fruit).

From these relatively low-tech beginnings, casino developers have taken the genre and incorporated it into their latest creations. Quite why fruit is an enduring theme, we can’t say for sure. However, what we do know is that content creators and players love fruit slots. To show you what we mean and what some of the best online fruit machines are, here’s our guide these sweet spinners.


To get a feel for what the top fruit slots have to offer, try our demo games below. By taking a spin for free, you’ll get to see if the juice is worth the squeeze before you play for real money


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Fruit slots are a subgenre of video and progressive jackpot slots. In other words, the mechanics of these games isn’t any different to those enlivened with other themes. With that being true, you can spin in a way that suits you. Of course, if you’re completely new to the online casino scene, here’s how to play fruit machines:

  • Scroll through our list of Yggdrasil fruit slots and choose one that takes your fancy.
  • Set the coin size to one you can afford.
  • Adjust the number of active paylines if possible.
  • Once you’ve played with the coin size and number of paylines, you’ll have an overall price per spin. As long as this is within the limits of your bankroll (i.e. not more than 1% of your total bankroll) hit the spin button.
  • Wait for the reels to stop and see three or more matching fruits line up from left-to-right.

As you can see, online fruit slots give you an opportunity to adjust the variables at will. That’s hugely important when you’re playing for real money. Therefore, our advice is to use our free fruit machines first. By doing this, you’ll get a feel for how the game flows, the things you can adjust and what the payouts are like. Once you’re comfortable, switch to real money mode and play for cash prizes.


Before we give you a few more details on what the best fruit slots online look like, here’s a quick overview of the top-rated Yggdrasil spinners in this genre:

Fruitoids: An exotic take on the classic theme, Fruitoids has a 96.7% RTP and top payout worth €125,000. What’s neat about this game, other than fact it uses HTML5 so it works on all devices, is that the fruits have a unique look. In essence, this game is a fantastic example of how game developers have taken an old-school design and made it work in the modern era.

Pumpkin Smash: Although it’s not a “fruit slot” in the strictest sense, Pumpkin Smash is inspired by the genre. Because the humble pumpkin forms the basis of the game, you get the same level of colour and vibrancy that you do when you play traditional fruit machines.

Jungle Books: Even though it’s based on the classic story of the Jungle Book, this video slot does feature fruit. In fact, the jungle setting provides the perfect way to incorporate the ever-familiar plums, oranges and more. Naturally, like the top online slots, this game has a wealth of bonuses and features. When taken in unison, this makes the RTP 96.1% and the top payout worth 250,000 coins.


It doesn’t take a genius to work out that fruit slots feature fruit. When you play these casino games, you’ll find a selection of fruit symbols, including:

  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Plums
  • Watermelons
  • Oranges

The question is why do we love images of fruit? Well, everyone will have a different opinion but our feeling is that fruit conjures certain ideas. In addition to being extremely colourful, fruit has connotations of nature and life.

From this, developers can play on the idea of planting seeds that will eventually grow into juicy fruits. To put it another way, if you place enough bets, eventually the odds say you’ll win something. That, for us, is why we have an enduring love for fruit slots.


Can I win money when I play fruit machines online?

Of course! Fruit is simple a genre within the slots industry. Therefore, you can win just as much from these games as you can any other.

Can I play free fruit slots online?

Yes. Using our demo games, you can try the latest online fruit machines and get a feel for the action before you wager any money.

What are the best fruit slots?

That’s a matter of opinion. However, when you scroll through the Yggdrasil collection, Fruitoids stands as one of the best thanks to the creative spin it puts on the genre.


From pub fruit machines to online fruit slots, this genre has an important place in the industry. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the images they offer, you can’t deny there’s a level of nostalgia to fruit slots. Because of that fact alone, it’s worth giving these spinners a try in order to find out what classic gaming is all about.