Abracadabra! The famous magician’s phrase might work on stage, but in the online casino world it doesn’t have the same effect. Inside what some would call a magic casino, actions speak louder than words. That’s right, instead of waving magic wands and uttering catchy sayings, you need to spin.

By playing the best magic slots, you can turn real money bets into real money prizes if lady luck is on your side. Although it’s not quite the same as turning nothing into something, it’s almost as good. Indeed, when you play a top-rated magic slot, the combination of flashy images, generous payouts and sprinkling of supernatural energy create a unique gaming experience.

Naturally, every game inside a magic slots casino requires you to bet cash and hit the right combinations to win a prize. However, thanks to features such as mystery bonuses, slots magic free spins and more, there are times when unexpected things happens. In fact, this is their main selling point. Just like animal slots and fruit machines, magic slots don’t simply have a theme for no reason.

For example, if there’s a mystery bonus, you can expect puffs of smoke and rabbits being pulled out of hats. Beyond that, wizards, witches and genies can all appear out of thin air and cast a spell on the reels. Basically, magic online slot machines are games where anything goes. By tapping into the idea mystical things happening at random times, there are no limits to what’s possible in these games.

Because you should expect the unexpected when you play magic slots, we believe you’ll never get bored. Just as a magician on the stage can amaze the crowd with some surprising tricks, so too can the best magic slots online. That, in our opinion, is why these games are worth more than a spin.


To help you understand the true beauty of magic slot machines, we’ve got some demo games for you to try. By spinning the reels for free, you’ll get to see wat these games are all about and, in turn, prepare yourself for the magic of real money play.


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How to Play Magic-Themed Slots

Despite what you might think, there are no tricks when it comes to magic slots. Just like the top Yggdrasil jackpot slots, these spinners require a few simple moves to make them work. In fact, just as a magician has to follow the right steps to execute an illusion, the same rule applies to magic slots. So, to help you perfect the act of not only playing but getting the most from your time inside a magic casino, here’s how to spin the most magical spinners:

  • Visit one of our recommended magic slots casino sites and create your first account.
  • Scroll through the gaming lobby and choose a slot that takes your fancy.
  • Set the coin size to one that suits your personal betting limits.
  • Adjust the number of active paylines to suit (if the game allows it).
  • As a tip, make sure the overall price per spin doesn’t exceed more than 2% of your bankroll.
  • Once you’ve set, hit the bet button and wait for the magic to happen.
  • Wait for the reels to stop and, if three or more matching symbols line up from left-to-right, you’ll be a winner.

Now, it’s important to note that you won’t win with every spin. Even though there will be magic in the air when you play, the outcome isn’t always positive. However, if you can learn to take the ups with the downs, magic slots games can be highly entertaining.

MAGIC SLOTS: Enter a World of Mystery and Intrigue

To give you more of an insight into what desktop and mobile magic slot machines are really like, here’s an overview of two terrific titles from Yggdrasil:

Dr Fortuno: He may sound like a medical man by Dr Fortuno is actually a magician. As you’ll see when you play this magic slots game, this conjurer has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. For starters, you’ll be plunged into a world of carnival performers, supernatural beings and strange goings on. Once you spin the five reels and 20 paylines, fixed wins, free spins and the Wheel of Fortuno are the ways you can unlock some serious payouts. In fact, if you can make the magic wheel appear out of thin air, you could win a progressive jackpot worth thousands with this fantastic magic slots game!

Ozwin’s Jackpot: Another progressive jackpot proposition, Ozwin’s Jackpot is another game that embraces the idea of slipping into a fantasy world. In line with the magic theme, this spinner is set inside a fairy-tale realm where anything can happen. As the player, your job is to help Ozwin lift the curse that’s seen bad luck leave a dark cloud over his land. Fortunately, if you’re able to roll in the right symbols, you can unlock neat features such as the Spellbook Bonus Games. Filled with coins, crystals and free spins, this added extra is a great way to win upwards of 10,000 coins. However, for the top payout, jackpot free spins are required. Unlock these with the right  orbs and payouts worth €100,000+ could be yours inside the magic slots game.

A Whole World of Magic

As well as the top slots, you can also enter a world of magic thanks to certain casinos. As its name suggests, Slot Magic is one of those sites. If you read our Slots Magic casino review, you’ll learn a lot more about what this operator has to offer. Regardless of whether you use the Slot Magic mobile site or desktop platform, you’ll get access to hundreds of slots, table games and more.

Yes, magical spinners are part of the mix but so too are slots from other genres. On top of that, the Slots Magic bonus code will help you unlock free spins and extra credits. Put simply, if one or two magic slots aren’t enough, Slots Magic Casino should be your site of choice.

Yggdrasil Magic Slots Explained

By now, you probably get the idea that magic slots take you into strange new worlds where surprises lurk around every corner. However, the one thing we haven’t really covered is the symbols you’ll see. Despite what you might think, it’s not all magic wands and top hats in these games.

In fact, when you look at a slot such as Ozwin’s Jackpot, there aren’t any of the things you’d commonly associate with stage magic. Instead, you get to see strange orbs and magical potions. Put simply, you never quite know what to expect with magic slots games. That, for us, is what makes them appealing.

Magic Slots: The Final Word

There is always a sense of uncertainty and anticipation when you play online slots. However, magic-themed spinners take these ideas to a new level. Because you’re put in a situation where strange occurrence and surprises are the norm, you’re never fully settled. That’s a sense of anticipation you don’t always get with other games and the reason desktop and mobile magic slots will leave you spellbound.

Magic Slots FAQ

Can I win money when I play magic slot machines online?

Absolutely. As well as fixed payouts and slots magic free spins, you can unlock progressive jackpots worth thousands.

Can I play free magic slots online?

Yes. With our demo games, you can experience the magic of these slots without spending a penny. Naturally, the prizes you win won’t have any real world value. However, the fun you have certainly will be real.

What are the best magic slots?

Dr Fortuno and Ozwin’s Jackpot are among the two best magic slots out there. Because they offer progressive jackpots and cleverly themed bonus rounds, you can’t help but enjoy these games.