Release Date March 24, 2020
Game Type Video slot
Default bet size €2
RTP 96.3%
Paylines 243 ways
Bet Range €0.10 - €75
Volatility 95
Maximum Win X10,513 x bet (playing on max bet)


If you’re into intrepid trekking through jungles and rainforests, then MultiFly slot is a must-play game to save on your mobile and stuff in your rucksack. With a betting range from 0.10 to 75.00, MultiFly slot is a sure-fire winner when it comes to lighting-up your screen with fun tropical chameleons that come infused with a neon glow 24/7 – thanks to the power of the local fireflies! The more this crazy crew feast, the bigger the win potential, with a payout as high as €€788,475 on the max MultiFly slot bet! Check out the game’s full power with our full MultiFly slot review…


Remember the song by Owl City, which went, ‘You would not believe your eyes, If ten million fireflies, Lit up the world as I fell asleep’? If you do, then MultiFly slot is for you, with a quirky arcade theme mixed with cutting-edge online slot technology from the geniuses at Yggdrasil.

Rainforests are famous for their psychedelic plants and crazy creatures – and there’s no doubting the locals’ taste for the fireflies that buzz across the screen in Yggdrasil’s MultiFly slot machine! Every time you spin, the tropical slotscape delivers a neon glow that’s packed with an array of chameleon style lizards, toucans, and poisonous frogs – all laying in wait for the buuuuzzzzz of the fireflies and the chance to zap you some MultiFly slot wins!

If you really tap-in to firefly season, then the buzz can reach a crescendo and rain-down Dropdown wins, Wilds, Reel Multipliers and Free Spins. Throw-in 243 ways to win across the MultiFly slot reels, cool sound effects and slick spins on all devices – and MultiFly slot is set to light-up the slot charts in 2020.


Catching fireflies with your tongue takes time to master! So we recommend a few practice spins on our MultiFly slot demo game – before playing at our top-rated MultiFly slot sites:



Early game art and characters



MultiFly slot has a fun arcade slot vibe and is programmed to deliver plenty of multiplier power during lucky sessions – making it a cool option if you love the chance to power-up basic wins. While you need a bit of luck to strike a hot streak, the average RTP level of 96.3% delivers a fair theoretical payout, across the pool of players who have a spin. However, it’s still worth considering that MultiFly slot has a high volatility level of 95 – meaning it can blow hot and cold depending on random chance!

Simply put – if you love excitement and enjoy playing games with an element of the unknown – MultiFly slot hits the spot. But what about your bankroll, bets and reward potential? First-up, you can select a coin size from 0.005-3.75, creating bet sizes between €0.10 and €75. Any lucky wins are paid-out as a multiplier of your spin value – with base game wins for matching 3-5 symbols (classic fruit machine numbers, plus lizards, frogs and toucans). There are 243 ways to win across the reels, thanks to the power for winning combinations to be formed in an exotic range of directions. With an average hit rate of 17%, you need a little patience when playing MultiFly slot, but hitting a hot run of spins can trigger all sorts of exotic bonuses and win potential. Payouts start from small rewards for three symbols – all the way to the potential of x10,513 your bet size if you happen to get super lucky!

MutliFly Slot Machine Strategy Tip: MutiFly slots’ high volatility rating means it can pay-off to use a smart strategy to try and get maximum fun and potentially some luck! MultiFly slot has a basic hit frequency of 17%, with one in every 182 spins triggering the Free Spins, on average. This means playing MultiFly slot with a high spin volume and splitting your budget into multiple sessions, might make sense (such as splitting a 20.00 budget into 0.10 spins and aiming for 100 spins per session). With a bit of luck you can try and use your budget to play several MultiFly slot sessions with the aim of tapping-in to a lucky spin sequence.


If you love the playability and the best bonus features of new slots like Brazil Bomba, then MultiFly slot is likely to be another addition to the Yggdrasil slot favourites. Check out the fun and win potential of MultiFly slots’ cool trio of bonus features:

Dropdown wins: Winning symbols in MultiFly slot vanish from the reels, causing new symbols to drop down. Dropdown wins also reward you with a wild in one of the winning position.

Wilds and reel multipliers: Landing a wild on the MultiFly slot reels or gaining one after a win, triggers a multiplier on the triggered reel. If you gain multiple multipliers, MultiFly slot wins are boosted by a multiplier effect; so a x2 and x4 = x8 payout! Following a losing MultiFly slot spin or Dropdown, the multipliers are reset.

Free spins: Landing three bonus symbols awards 10 Free Spins in MultiFly slot. Reel multipliers do not reset between spins and the multipliers from the activating spin are carried over into MultiFly slot Free Spins.

Overall, MultiFly slot is loaded with excitement, with the high volatility level often meaning you can find some really bonus-rich sessions if you get lucky. This makes MultiFly slot machine a great pick for players will to chance their luck on tapping into hot runs of spins. Just be aware of the potential for some cold sessions and only use a safe and fun budget.


Where Can I Play MultiFly Slot Machine?
You can spin MultiFly slot machine at lots of leading online casino sites – with our top-rated casinos and slot sites verified to offer you the best quality slot gaming and the latest free spin bonuses.

Is MultiFly Slots Fair And Safe?
MultiFly slot is made by Yggdrasil, meaning it comes from a brand fully licenced, tested and regulated by leading gambling authorities, such as UKGC and MGA. MultiFly slot sites deliver fair and safe slot spins. All slots on Yggdrasil Casino are fair and safe.

How Much Can I Win Playing MultiFly Slot Games?
MultiFly slot has a max win level of €788,445 for anyone who happens to hit the biggest jackpot using the highest bet level of €75! However, more realistically, the most you could win if really lucky, is x10,513 your bet size (so a 0.10 spin x10,513 = €1051). All payouts on MultiFly slot are multiplied by your bet size.

Is There A Strategy To Use Playing MultiFly Slot?
No strategy can boost your theoretical chance of winning on MultiFly slot. However, by selecting a sensible fun gaming budget, and selecting a spin value that helps you get lots of spins per session, you may be able to trigger more of the game’s bonus features such as free spins.


New for 2020, MultiFly slot serves-up a volatile game that’s just like playing a frantic arcade fruit machine – hitting the spot for players who like a game that always offers elements of risk and reward. With big wins possible up to x10,513 you stake but spins from 0.10 – you can always guarantee fun when playing with a sensible budget.

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“Multifly!” has it all. Great mechanics, math, art and design that bonds it all together.

It was a close call but Multifly! might have never been produced. Initially, the March 2020 roadmap game had a “Super Rainbow Bros 10000” working title, contained a board game built into a slot and leprechauns running around. Pretty ambitious, experimental but in the end, we decided that it might not work. 

During that time we had a shift in the strategy and stopped making complex, experimental games to focus on simpler ones where both the rules and win potential were very easy to understand (while being innovative at the same time!). 

New Games Team was working on several ideas during that time and one with combining multipliers was especially interesting to the stakeholders. This was shortly after the success of Jammin Jars slot with a similar principle, so we knew there was a demand for this kind of mechanic – simple to understand with extremely high win potential. This kind of games tend to be very popular with Casino streamers looking for insanely big wins to brag about. 

NGT came up with the chameleons’ theme for the game and it seemed to match the mechanics really nicely. 

After several iterations of math prototypes, the game was TG1-ed and passed to Studio to replace the leprechaun game. Because the switch was made pretty late, the time to produce the Multifly was very limited and the production required smart planning to fit into the timelines. 

The project didn’t click instantly with the Studio team but after few iterations of the art proposals, everyone was more and more excited about how the game is shaping up. Design and art focused on classic slot experience, including light blinks and casino-like sounds, while still keeping our trademark use of the game environment. This interesting balance will be explored further in the following games. 

The early prototype of the game, great planning and exceptional execution allowed for this game to be produced in less than 5000 man-hours and without sacrificing the game quality! It looks great, plays great and we believe that it will perform just as great!