Release Date November 15, 2018
Game Type Video slots
Lines 25
Max RTP 97.0%
Volatility 33-37
Maximum Win €258,750

Nitro Circus Slot Review

Enter the high octane world of Nitro Circus slots and blaze your way through some death-defying features. Bursting out of the Yggdrasil stable in 2018, this video slot is packed with creative bonuses and stunning imagery. Putting you in the heart of a petrol-fuelled showdown, the Nitro Circus slot game is perfect for those that love adrenaline-pumping action.

Wow the Crowd with Sick Stunts and Spins: Nitro Circus Plot

The whiff of petrol fills the air as guitar licks get the crowd jumping. As the tension mounts, only the sound of reels revving up can break through the noise. At that moment, you know you’re in for something special.
You see, each time you play Nitro Circus online, you’re not alone. Because this game is all about entertainment, everyone from stunt riders to a cast of colourful symbols contribute to the action.
As the star of the show, it’s your job to spin the reels and line up three or more symbols. However, everyone has their part to play, which is why this slot one of the most engaging, dynamic and hardcore slots around.

Test Your Skills for Free: Play the Nitro Circus Demo Game

Alongside helmet symbols and crash barriers, the free Nitro Circus slot below is our way of keeping you safe. Allowing you to complete the course without risking your life or bankroll, our free play software is essential for all newbies. What’s more, it’s the perfect way for you to experience what the game is really all about: fun!

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Getting Technical: Nitro Circus RTP

The beauty of Nitro Circus slots is that your potential win rate is better than you think. Unlike the spectacular stunts you’ll see, this is a low-to-medium variance game. In other words, the risk you accept each time you spin is a lot lower than the danger our stunt riders face each time they fly through the air.

In technical terms, the Nitro Circus RTP score is 97%. That’s a solid theoretical return rate and one that means you could enjoy a fairly consistent run of incremental wins. Of course, everyone has their eyes on the 50,000-coin star prize. However, Nitro Circus slot games are designed for players at all levels. Therefore, even if you’re unable to squeeze maximum value out of the reels, you’ll still have the opportunity to pick up small-to-medium sized wins.

Small Bets and Generous Jackpots

As we’ve said earlier in this review, the “star prize” is 50,000 coins. In practice, the size of your prize will depend on your stake. Just as a smaller engine produces less horsepower than a larger one, a smaller bet isn’t as valuable as a larger one. However, it’s important to note that the prize board doesn’t change.
Whatever amount you wager, the payouts will always range from 10 to 50,000 coins. However, in cash amounts, your coin value determines the actual payout. For example, if you select the smallest coin size, 0.004, the price per spin will be €0.10. From this, a 1,000-coin win would be worth €4. Basically, the more horsepower you inject into the reels, the bigger your potential payouts will be.

Nitro Circus Slot Free Spins and Skill Bonuses

What’s a stunt show without some tricks? Even though Nitro Circus slots are visually impressive, the real reason they wow the crowd is their special features. As you spin the five reels and 25 paylines, the seven standard symbols are complimented by bonus icons. Roll in the right combination of these and you’ll score some serious prizes.

For example, if you roll in two Nitro Bombs, you’ll unlock one of five random prizes. As well as wilds, multipliers and collectables, you can win up to 30 Nitro Circus slot free spins. Beyond this bonus, three or more bombs will instantly take you in the Nitro Circus slot free play mode. Here you’ll receive between 10 and 30 gratis turns as well as a 2X multiplier.

Finally, if you collect five vehicles or light up the NITRO symbol, you’ll enter the jump bonus game. Here, you’ll ride one of five vehicles and show off your skills. Each vehicle has it’s own capabilities, which means you can find the perfect balance between power, tricks and size. After three warm-up jumps, you’ll go for the showstopper. Depending on your performance, you’ll win a cash prize that could be worth thousands!

Start Your Engines and Play Nitro Circus Slots Today

If action is your thing, Nitro Circus is the game for you. Rated 4/5 by players, this slot ticks all the boxes in terms of entertainment, excitement and jackpots. What’s more, if you can unlock one of the impressive bonus features, you can test your stunt skills and win some cash. So, if this Nitro Circus slot review has got your engine running, try our demo game or play for real money today. 


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game expert

A word from the Expert

"Our first branded slot, and what a game it is! This is as close as you can get to a real Nitro Circus stadium show while playing a thrilling slot game. In the main feature – the Nitro Jump, you can choose your own volatility level. Personally, I always go for the highest by pressing the boost button to the floor for the biggest possible jump."

Martin - Game Expert