Release Date January 28, 2019
Game Type Jackpot Video Slot
Default Bet 1.00€
Default Coin Value Range €0.01 - €2.00
Max RTP 96.7%
Lines 20
Bet Range 0.20€ - 40€
Volatility 25.4% Volatility (excluding Jackpot) 26%
Jackpots Contributions 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 1.4%
Jackpots Expected Fallout €89, €414, €1433, €2400, €11 200


Ozwin’s Jackpot Slot has the magical power to turn fantasies like Harry Potter, King Arthur and Merlin and The Lord of the Rings all to stone. Made by Yggdrasil Gaming, who themselves have a name derived from the ancient school of Norse magic, Ozwin’s Jackpots Slots will wow fantasy fans with a storyline that reads like a blockbuster movie. This young apprentice magician must fight evil to restore his now-owl wizard back into his world saving form – before it’s too late. Fantasy it may be, but the winning potential in Ozwin’s Jackpot Slots is very real and can be spell-bounding if you magic-up the 12000 coin big win. The big jackpots are also local to each casino offering the slot, meaning you can target different sites to try and land one of the frequent jackpots! This game has sophisticated elements, so cast your eyes on our full Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot review before loading-it-up and playing on your mobile.

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Oh my days – we have a problem and only Ozwin’s Jackpots slot can help! Your master Ozwin, the most powerful wizard of light in the world, gobbled one too my frogs last night and has been turned into an owl! Unless you can flip his Spellbook across 20 Ozwin’s Jackpot slots paylines and find out how to turn him back into Ozwin the Magician, the world is doomed and evil shall prevail. Fortunately, Ozwin’s Jackpots slot gives you a stack of ways to become the master apprentice and cast spells to lift the ancient curse – and doing so could shower you with the wondrous riches of the land. The Spellbook Bonus Game and Crystal collecting are the key to finding the orbs of power and unleashing your magic to set Ozwin free and release the five progressive jackpot levels. Looking for a bit of magic today? Then play Ozwin’s Jackpots on your mobile now.


You can try out the magic by playing the Ozwin’s Jackpot Slots free demo game below, before casting spin spells for real at Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot sites.

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If you’re looking for captivating entertainment plus progressive jackpot power – play Ozwin’s Jackpots mobile slot! With a solid RTP of 96.7% and 25.4% hit rate, this slot compares well with most for standard win potential. However, the frequently striking progressive jackpots makes it really cool. Every time you place a bet, 3.4% of your stake goes into the jackpot pool across Ozwin’s Jackpot slot sites, adding to the value of the game’s five jackpot levels. The best chance of winning is to trigger the Free spin mode – so playing regularly and opting for a high volume of spins is a good strategy to use in-line with your budget. However, it is worth noting that the bigger your stake in Ozwin Jackpot Slot the higher your chance of winning big; think carefully about higher volume sessions versus using bigger bets.


With coin sizes from 0.01 to 2.00 you can play at Ozwin’s Jackpots slot sites from 0.20 to 40.00 per spin across all 20 paylines. One great feature of the game is the fact that the progressive jackpots are designed to deliver relatively modest (e.g. not multi-millions) payouts but therefore hit frequently on a daily basis. For instance, the highest Ozwin Jackpot Slot jackpot always resets at €2500 and has an expected fallout of €11200 – so it doesn’t take long to fill-up. Watch the jackpot filling up and start spinning!


Check out the magical features that you can activate during Ozwin Jackpot Slots sessions – we’ll make a wizard of you yet!

Land 3-5 bonus symbols on the reels during Ozwin Jackpot Slot online to receive an almighty reward based on the number of icons matched:

3 Bonus symbols awards the Spellbook bonus game.
4 Bonus symbols awards the Spellbook bonus game +1000 coins.
5 Bonus symbols awards the Spellbook bonus game +10000 coins.

The Spellbook bonus game lets you open Spellbooks with the following prizes available at Ozwin Jackpot Slot sites:

20 coins
40 coins
100 coins
200 coins
1000 coins
1 Yellow crystal
1 Green crystal
1 Blue crystal
1 Purple crystal
1 Red crystal

Try not to pick the Evil spell – it ends the game!

Jackpot spins are the potential spell for huge wins in Ozwin Jackpot slots. During Jackpot spins, you win big by collecting five Orbs of the same colour (with each colour having its own jackpot). You can gain Jackpot spins via the Free Spin symbol and by collecting crystals:

Land 3-5 Free spin symbols in Ozwin’s Jackpot slots’ base game for the following rewards:

3 Free Spin symbols = 10 Jackpot Free Spins.
4 Free Spin symbols = 10 Jackpot Free Spins + 1000 coins.
5 Free Spin symbols = 10 Jackpot Free Spins + 10000 coins.

If you land five Crystals of the same colour in the base game or during the Spellbook Bonus, you’ll receive 10 Jackpot Free Spins and one Orb. Collected crystals are saved between your sessions, which is a good pro-player feature.

Ozwin’s Jackpots slots features ‘local jackpots’, meaning that each casino offering the game has its very own progressive jackpot pool! The cool feature means that while the overall size of the jackpots will be smaller than global jackpot games – you have a better chance of winning! You can also play Ozwin’s Jackpot slots at more than one slot site and get more chances to win. Ozwin’s Jackpot slots’ jackpot levels start from €40 to €2500 and build progressively until won. Super lucky gamers can win all five jackpots via one Free Spin bonus round! If you’re looking for other Yggdrasil slots that feature local progressive jackpots, try out Holmes and the Stolen Stones and Jackpot Raiders slot. Alternatively, if you fancy trying to win huge Yggdrasil global jackpots then spin on Empire Fortune and Joker Millions slot.


Is Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot Available at All Casinos?
You can find lots of Ozwin’s Jackpots slot sites, with the game playable at many high-quality casinos, slot sites, and bingo apps. If you’re looking to instantly find the top Ozwin’s Jackpots slot sites, then our casino reviews will lead you to quality sites that feature Ozwin’s Jackpots slot.

How Much Is Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot Jackpot?
Ozwin’s Jackpots slot sites feature local jackpot pools – meaning the game’s jackpots are winnable only by players at each individual casino! This gives Ozwin’s Jackpots slot sites expected progressive jackpot fallouts at the following amounts for the different jackpot levels: €89, €414, €1433, €2400, €11 200. The jackpots paid-out aren’t set in stone – they could be bigger or small than the amounts show above. Ozwin’s Jackpots slot is all about random luck – so only play with a sensible entertainment budget.

Do All Casinos Give Free Spins on Ozwin’s Jackpots Slots?
From time-to-time, you’ll find Ozwin’s Jackpots slot sites offering free spin bonuses. However, you can always use our casino review bonus links to claim welcome bonuses and generic free spin rewards – giving you some nice bonus sessions. You can also use your bonus cash, free spins, and any collected winnings, to play Ozwin’s Jackpots slot. Sometimes Paypal casino sites give free spins when chosing Paypal as deposit method.

Can I Boost Wins Using Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot Strategy?
Since playing at Ozwin’s Jackpots slot sites is all about lucky spins and sessions, there are no guarantees when it comes to winning – including using Ozwin’s Jackpots slot strategies. The best tip for playing at Ozwin’s Jackpots slot sites, is to set a sensible leisure budget, and then split it into a bet size that gives you at least 50-100 spins per session.


Ozwin’s Jackpot slots is one of this year’s must-play jackpot slot machines. It combines a brilliant magical fantasy theme in which you the apprentice, must cast spells to turn the own-cast Ozwin the mighty magician, back into his human form – fast! The rewards can be amazing, with five levels of daily progressive jackpots ensuring that Ozwin’s Jackpot slots is sure to become a favourite. Launch the magic of Ozwin’s Jackpots slot machine on your mobile now and play from 0.20 to 40.00 per spin!


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