Pirates – Smugglers Paradise

Editor's Rating
Release Date March 18, 2020
Game Type Video slot
Default bet size €2
RTP 96.3%: Base game
Paylines Winning cluster of 6 symbols
Bet Range €0.20 - €100
Volatility 37
Maximum Win 1243X


Get ready to shiver your timbers, sail the seven seas and walk the plank with another swashbuckling slot from Yggdrasil. Part of the ever-popular iSense 2.0+ range, Pirates – Smugglers Paradise is a slot that makes it OK to pillage and plunder. Indeed, if you’re brave enough and lucky enough to strike the right combinations on this ship, you could sail away with prizes worth up to €124,330!

Of course, if you’re going to play with pirates, you need make sure your sea legs are sturdy. In this Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slot review, we’re going to walk you through the basics of this world-class spinner. From its innovative dropdown win system to themed free spins, this guide will have you ship-shape and ready roll in no time.

So, if you’re ready to embark on the treasure hunt of a lifetime, let the Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slot review commence.


If you haven’t already guessed, Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slot machines are seabound affairs. Once you step on deck, the sails go up and it’s off to explore uncharted waters. From ancient caves to idyllic coves, the waters of Pirates – Smugglers Paradise are full of mysteries.

Of course, this game isn’t all about unknowns. As well as maps that guide you towards special bonuses, the gameboard is full of familiar symbols. Once you hit the bet button, everything from swords, potions, parrots and pirates will appear on the five reels.

OK great, but what about paylines? Well, thanks to a neat cluster dynamic, Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slots don’t have any paylines. To find out how this works in practice, check out the next few sections of this Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slot review.


We don’t want you to go overboard and drown when you play Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slots. So, before you wager any money, make sure you try the Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slot free play software below.

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Pirate Smugglers descTo put some wind in this slot’s sails, you’ll need to make a bet or two. Of course, the Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slot demo is free to play. However, if you want to win cash prizes worth up to 5,000 coins, you need to spend a penny or two. Fortunately, in the interests of accessibility, the developers have ensured the betting limits are affordable.

At the lowest stakes, you can set the five reels in motion for as little as €0.20. For those with pockets as deep as the ocean, Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slots allow you to stake up to €100 per round. Regardless of the stakes you play for, the potential returns remain the same. For starters, the Pirates – Smugglers Paradise RTP is 96.3%. Additionally, the hit frequency is 21.4% and the volatility rating is 37.

Single Wins and Mega-Multipliers

Beyond those fundamentals, the prize board features prizes worth between 2X and 500X your coin bet. So, by matching six or more symbols in a cluster (in adjacent positions), you’ll win a multiple of your stake. Technically, this means that everyone is playing for the same prizes, regardless of their bet size. Of course, because the payouts are determined by multipliers, the actual size of your prize will change depending on the amount you stake.

For example, if you choose a coin size of €0.50 and match a cluster of swords, you’ll win 7 x €0.50 = €3.50. Hit the same combination with a coin size of €2 and you’ll scoop €14. Naturally, this means high rollers can bank the biggest cash prizes. However, the defining feature of Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slots is their dropdown win system. Basically, each time you hit a winning combination, losing symbols disappear. In the spaces left behind, the winning symbols will drop down one level and new icons will fall into the remaining spaces. Any subsequent wins are then added to your overall total.

A Drop in the Ocean

This dynamic continues until you fail to make a new winning combination. As you can see, if everything falls into the right place, a single winning spin can yield multiple prizes. What’s more, each time you fill a row with matching symbols, your prizes increase in value. For two rows the multiplier is 2X, for three it’s 3X and for four it’s 5X. Finally, if you can fill all five rows with matching symbols, you’ll trigger a 10X multiplier and a maximum single payout worth 5,000 coins!

Pirates – Smugglers Paradise Slot Machine Strategy Tip: Our top Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slot tip is to play at the lowest stakes you can afford. Because this game allows you to turn single wins into multiple payouts, there’s no need to raise the stakes unnecessarily. As long as you’re consistent and play at a comfortable level, you’ll have the opportunity to turn small bets into healthy returns.


Pirate Smugglers free spinsTo really the get the most of Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slot games, you need to trigger a free spin or two. Of course, you can never guarantee when or if this is going to happen. However, if you unlock the Pirates – Smugglers Paradise bonus feature, you’ll be off on an adventure to one of three destinations. However, before you can plot a course for prizes that could be worth thousands, you need to collect three maps.

That’s right, in line with the Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slot machine theme, maps act as free spin symbols. Each time one drops into view, it will be added to the free spin metre at the side of the reels. Once you’ve filled all three slots, you’ll receive seven gratis turns. At this point, the power is in your hands as you’ll have the ability to choose one of three free spin modes:

  • High Seas: If you’re brave enough to sail the high seas, you’ll be rewarded with a game board that features more high-paying symbols. To achieve this dynamic, the software will remove all low-paying symbols (hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs) for the duration of the bonus. With these symbols removed, there’s more space for higher value icons that could, in turn, lead to higher value prizes.
  • Multiplier Madness: Each time you complete a row and activate a multiplier during this free spins round, it gets stored above the reels. These multipliers are then applied to all subsequent wins. The end result is a free spins round where clusters could be enhanced by multiple multipliers!
  • Win Fall: Before each of your seven free dropdowns, two winning symbols will be added to the reels. To move to the next dropdown, there must be at least one new winning cluster in view. This means that each dropdown should, in theory, be more lucrative than the previous one. So, at the end of the bonus round, you could be in line for a serious payout.

If all that wasn’t enough, Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slots have one final trick up their sleeves. Each free spin bonus takes place in a different destination. In practice, this means your ship will sail to a new location depending on the bonus you choose.

  • If you choose the High Seas off, you’ll set sail for Hellfire Island.
  • Select Multiplier Madness and you’ll take a trip to Skull Cave.
  • Finally, if you fancy a Win Fall, you’ll drop anchor at Paradise Cove.

By taking you to three different locations, Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slots are able to do two things. Firstly, the change of scenery keeps things fresh and exciting. Secondly, you’ll enjoy a slightly different experience each time you trigger the Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slot bonus. Indeed, with each location providing new things to explore, you never quite know what to expect when you trigger this innovative free spins feature.


Where Can I Play The Pirates – Smugglers Paradise Slot Machine?

This Yggdrasil creation is available at all the best online casinos offering iSense 2.0+ games.

Is Pirates – Smugglers Paradise Slot Fair And Safe?

Yes! All Yggdrasil slots are tested and certified as fair by third-party testing agencies. What’s more, our selection of trusted online casinos are all licenced and regulated by the best gaming authorities in the world.

How Much Can I Win Playing Pirates – Smugglers Paradise Slot Games?

The maximum single win in Pirates – Smugglers Paradise is 5,000 coins. However, through a combination of dropdown wins, multipliers and bonuses, the top cash payout in this game is €124,330 (when you play for the max stakes).

Is There A Strategy To Use Playing Pirates – Smugglers Paradise Slot?

The best Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slot strategy is to play conservatively. As long as you play at a level you can afford, there’s always an opportunity to win. What’s more, when you don’t overstretch yourself financially, you can enjoy the experience and really get the most out of this fantastic video slot.


If you’ve ever wanted to discover hidden treasures without the fear of being made to walk the plank, Pirates – Smugglers Paradise is for you. Not only is this slot visually impressive and affordable for almost every type of player, the in-game features are great. From the dropdown system and generous multipliers to innovative free spin bonuses, there are so many ways to win when you play this game. So, if you’re looking for an adventure like no other, make sure you check out our recommended online casinos and play Pirates – Smugglers Paradise slots today! 

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