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Editor's Rating
Release Date July 9, 2020
Maximum Win 547,050‬€
Volatility 146
Lines 243 - 16,807
Game Type Pop Win Series
Default Bet Size €1.50
Bet Range 0.20€ - 50€


For a taste of something different, we suggest you sample WildPops. Part of the Yggdrasil Masters collect, this game was developed by AvatarUX and brings some unique features to the fore. Indeed, when you take a spin on the WildPops slot game, you’ll quickly discover why popping symbols is the way forward.




This slot might be sweet but it’s the furthest thing from any of the lollipop images you might have in your head right now. Yes, this game is called WildPops. However, there isn’t a candy treat insight. Basically, the WildPops slot game is unlike anything you’ll have ever seen before.

Before you spin, you’ll notice that the symbols are free-flowing. In other words, they’re not contained within a rigid frame. That’s important because it allows them to move in unique ways. Firstly, each symbol vanishes into thin air when you hit the bet button. In the void left behind, new symbols fall into place.

As it is with all the best Yggdrasil slots, three or more matches will create a winning combination. This is where the fun really starts. After the matching symbols unlock a prize, they disappear. Then, just before new ones appear in their place, the gameboard expands. As symbols pop and new slots open up, you’ll unlock more ways to win.

This is why we’ve called this spinner WildPops. Once things start to pop, the game goes wild. In fact, things get so wild that, if enough cascades happen, you’ll be given up to 33,614 ways to win! That’s a sweet deal and far better than any candy treats you might have expected.


Before you pop, make sure you try the WildPops slot demo game. The free-play software below is your chance to test out what this game has to offer and have some fun at the same time. 

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Wildpops descAs we’ve said, the WildPops slot machine isn’t like other spinners. Aside from the fact symbols vanish, the cascading win system is more impressive than most. Because the gameboard expands after each subsequent win, you’re not only increasing your returns but your potential to receive a prize.

To put it another way, a win will release more symbols. When this happens, you’ve got the chance to make another winning combination. What it also does is open up more slots which, in turn, gives you more ways to hit a winning combo. Therefore, when you play the WildPops slot online, a single spin can open up a world of possibilities.

Of course, to get maximum value from this dynamic and win cash prizes topping 30X your bet, you need to stake some money. At the lowest stakes, you can play WildPops slots for €0.20. At the top end, it’s possible to wager up to €50 per spin. Whatever level you play at, the cascading win dynamic is in place. So, even if you spin for small stakes, you can string together a succession of payouts that can add up to something juicy.

In fact, when you combine this innovative system with an RTP of 96.2% and hit frequency of 21.8%, the default maximum payout for WildPops slots is €547,050! That’s a huge sum of money for any player and yet another reason to give this slot a spin.


Wildpops popwinsEven without any extras, the WildPops slot game is already packed with potential thanks to its cascading win system. However, the developers at Avatar UX haven’t stopped there. As well as matching card symbols and a variety of Asian-inspired creatures (i.e. dragons etc), cherry bombs act as wilds. These symbols provide some extra pop by substituting for all others. What’s more, when you string together three wins in a row, two random wilds will fall into play.

Alongside wilds, a multiplier is on hand to boost your prizes. Every seventh win, the multiplier will increase by one. Finally, just to make things even better, the WildPops online slot game features a bonus round. As you’d expect, this isn’t like any bonus round you’ll have ever see before. Basically, when you’ve triggered enough wins to turn the gameboard into a 7X5 structure, you’ll receive three extra lives.

At this point, the reels will do their thing and you’ll have 33,614 ways to unlock a prize. If, however, you don’t make a winning combination, the extra lives will kick in. This allows you to continue spinning until you stop winning and run out of lives. So, while there aren’t any WildPops slot free spins in the traditional sense, the guys at Avatar UX have come up with something even better.    


Where Can I Play the WildPops Slot Machine?

WildPops is part of the Yggdrasil Masters collection. This means you’ll be able to play this innovative spinner at many of top-rated partner sites.

Is the WildPops Slot Game Fair And Safe?

Yes! Yggdrasil is fully regulated by organisations such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Therefore, you can be confident that all games are not only legal and secure but 100% fair.  

How Much Can I Win Playing WildPops Slot Games?

The maximum payout for WildPops slots is 10,941X your bet. Or, in real terms, the top prize you can score when you play WildPops is €547,050.

Is There A Strategy To Use Playing WildPops Slot?

The WildPops slot machine is all about having fun. Regardless of whether you’re using the WildPops slot demo software or spinning for real cash prizes, this game is hugely entertaining and one you’ll enjoy playing via your desktop or mobile.


The Yggdrasil Masters program is all about giving the industry’s best up-and-coming talent a chance to shine. Avatar UX has done that with WildPops. This game is not only engaging and potentially lucrative but highly creative. That’s something Yggdrasil prides itself on and, moreover, why WildPops is a welcome addition to our burgeoning collection of slots. We recommended playing this game on Casumo